Thursday, January 31, 2008

You did NOT just say that!!

Okay, so I thought I'd share another work story.
Our regional manager came to visit on Tuesday and Wednesday, and since his birthday is February 4th, we decided to get a cake for his birthday for while he was here (since he won't be here then and, hey, any excuse for a party!). So we called him in to the break room on Wednesday and surprised him with the cake and sang 'Happy Birthday' to him. Then Joann told him that since it was his birthday, he had to cut the cake. His response? "Oh, no, that's women's work". We could not believe it! She and I both said "You did NOT just say that!" at the same time! I was amazed because this guy holds a major position in the company and you would think that in this day and age of 'political correctness', he would know better than to say something like that! I thought it was funny because it really showed his true colors. I suppose I should get upset, but frankly, I don't care enough to. But for his sake, if someone filed a complaint about that comment, he could get in serious trouble! So the moral of the story is 'chauvenism is not dead; it is alive and well in the South'!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Julian's head

I think Julian is adorable. He looks like a perfect, healthy baby to me-- he's not too fat or too skinny, and he smiles a lot and coos. BUT: his head is really small. It's like under the 5th percentile, no kidding. The rest of him is around the 50th. They say that big heads in the first year are associated with intelligence. I suppose he's got 10 months to make up the difference, but it doesn't seem like it's moving too fast. At least Shannon can take Asher to speech therapy, if for nothing else than to allay her fears. Ain't nothing they can do about a small head.

Lara, on the other hand, was enormous from about 6 weeks on. All I did was worry about her being overweight her whole life, and frankly I still am concerned because she doesn't eat the healthiest diet, she wants sweets way to often, she will get into and eat butter all by itself, and we live a rather sedentary lifestyle (my fault, certainly). Kids who are overweight when they are 3 are much more likely to be overweight later in life. So I have a genuine concern about her, because she needs to eat healthy foods and get exercise if she wants to be healthy.

I guess my point is that the medical world comes up with new and innovative ways to rate our children on a scale of 1 to 100. The result is usually needless worry. The fact is that, because I am concerned about her caloric intake, Lara will probably fare well; and Julian will most likely be fine regardless of whether or not his head makes it into the 80th percentile. Asher will be able to speak inteligibly one day (very few adults can't), and Orion will grow to be a Harvard grad even though his big brother tried to bash him on the head with garden shears ;). I understand Shannon's concern, and mom probably had similar worries when we were all little. So everyone, including myself, just CHILL OUT.

Especially Anna. And tell that boyfriend that if he wants to be the next Mr. Farley, he'd better start wearing Men's jeans. That kind of fluff doesn't go over well up in the northeast. (JK)

On a different thread, this Medical Transcription course I am taking is turning out to be very informative. I had no idea I had such bad grammar. Apparently there are all sorts of rules governing the use of commas that I had never heard of. I still don't understand them all.

To end on an upbeat note, Julian sometimes will be sitting in his swing or carseat on the verge of falling asleep and will let a BIG one rip, and then will JUMP out of his skin like someone intentionally scared the poopy out of him. It's hilarious.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gotta love job applicants

Okay, so I decided to share this story from work. We are in need of a new dispatcher, so I placed an ad in the paper. I got over 200 applications online and only about 15 met the qualifications of the ad I placed. It was ridiculous! I left it to Bob (our current dispatcher) to sort thru and find someone because I simply didn't have time. After setting up 10 interviews and having only 3 applicants show up (?), he finally settled on one to hire and offered her the job. This was while I was off, so she had to wait till I got back to do her background checks, which consists of an MVR check, a criminal background check, and a drug test. I got the ID's I needed and gave her the drug screen form.
About 2 hours later, I got a call from the drug screen company. Apparently, when she went there, she gave them a sample, but it was not warm. According to the tech who called me, in order for her sample to be that temperature, she would have to be dead! The applicant was still there, but refused to do another sample because she said she had to 'get out of a domestic violence situation' and had to get a uhaul truck to get her stuff and she couldn't pee anymore and she couldn't wait around to drink water and go again, etc., etc. I told her that if she didn't, I couldn't accept having her come again the next day. She said she absolutely could not wait. I told the tech that if she didn't give another sample then, I couldn't accept it. I then hung up and thought that was the end of it. But no, then the lab tech called me back and proceeded for about 5 minutes to tell me her position and why she couldn't accept the sample, all of which I already knew and was in full agreement with! Right after I hung up with her, the applicant called me back and tried for about another 5 minutes to explain her situation! I told her I was sorry, but that I had no other choice. She was ticked, but that really isn't my problem. So, needless to say, we still don't have a second dispatcher!
Oh, and by the way, her other background checks came back clean! Go figure!
Another fun day at work! So this is my boring life.
Aren't you glad I posted this?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Asher Asher Bo Basher

Well, I just got back from the doctor about Asher and his lack of speech. I had to fill out this questionnare and he said that he is doing fine with gross and fine motor skills, but with speech and problem solving and communication, not exactly where he should be. So he's going to see a speech therapist and the developmental therapist at the hospital. I am not as bummed as I was when they first told me he might have to...I think the fact that he is now walking makes it ok. At first I didn't think I would take him to the therapists, but now I figure it can't hurt, it can only help. He really doesn't say anything, just mama and dada and even those are sketchy. So, hopefully they can help. Adam's dad had to have speech therapy as a kid (which would have been really nice to know when the doctor asked me if there was a family history of it).

But anyway, he's finally walking!! Something clicked for him during the Patriots game on Sunday and he figured out that he can stand up from the ground, and since then he has just gradually been tearing it up more and more. He's doing really well, he still crawls occasionally, but he's close to only walking. It's so cute :) Except when he falls and cracks his head on things.

In other news, still pregnant, and still feel like crap. Asher gets to watch 2 hours of PBS in the morning while I lay on the couch trying not to puke. So he watches Sesame Street and It's a Big, Big World. Adena, I don't know if you have seen that, but the main character, Snook, is what Chad would be if he were a giant stuffed something. Go here and click on the character all the way on the left at the bottom and just listen to him: The song at the end of the show is really nice, too.

I'm Boring

So, there's not a whole lot going on right now. The dog is adjusting well (except I think he has asthma or something), the boys are good (except Sage is most definitely almost two), and Chad still has work (until the end of this week, and we are crossing our fingers for more work).

OK, so I guess a lot is going on, but I don't know how to make one post out of any of that stuff. I have been trying to keep myself busy these past several days. I am really ready to knock this last 15 pounds off my butt so that I can start wearing my clothes again. I started doing a little work our routine in the morning, and when it gets a little warmer, I'll tack on some walking to that routine.

So Sage has figured out a whole lot in the past few weeks, and for that, I will make a list

1. He now likes to sword fight. He will grab an available stick, or- in one instance, a swirly straw with a duck on top- and will strike it at you, going "AH!" with every merciless blow.

2. He can climb out of his high chair onto the kitchen table. Now nothing is safe.

3. He does not know how to share with Orion. Moreoever, he doesn't really want to. Any advice on how to teach sharing to a 21-month-old would be greatly appreciated. Right now, it's "Sage, give that back to your brother... no.... der.... *spank.*

4. He has developed a taste for P.B.J sandwiches. Yipee!

5. If he sees someone playing with something, he wants it, just because they have it.

6. He likes to "help" me with laundry. I hand-washed a few of the kids' clothes yesterday and he kept handing me articlesof clothing to put in the water.

7. He hugs me when I'm sad.

So, it's not so bad in the end. I do enjoy my boys, although I often find myself thinking "Yeah, I'm all done being a mom right now." The other day, at our chiropractor's office, we were waiting behind a family of 12 kids. Oh, and they have three others that don't live at home. It was a blast. All of the kids were so great! The oldest was probably 18 and the youngest was three. All of them helped each other out, the room was not in the slightest bit noisy, and they just seemed like all around great kids. On top of everything else, the mom did not look the least bit frazzled and she was really great to talk to. So, I now have hope that this phase will not last forever. Although I don't want to be pregnant SOON, I still like the idea of a big family.

To quote Shannon, "This post is about nothing. I just wanted to post." Hopefully this actually WILL post. If this computer had a face, I would punch it. SO SLOW!

Anna and Mom. Your turn. Anna, call me and I will direct you step by step. Then you can teach mom.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Protect Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself

So, Adam was watching or reading this story about a woman who was raped and murdered after a guy broke into her house (or rather, walked in, as she didn't have the door locked). Of course Adam gets all paranoid and asks me what kind of device I would like to have around to keep myself and Asher safe (we do keep our doors locked, by the way). A gun, a taser, mace, etc. I know that we should have something...right now our weapon is a large wooden sword (used for ninjutsu practice) that is kept under the bed. It could really put the hurt on, but I doubt that I would be able to effectively use it against someone much larger and stronger than me. A gun sounds like a good idea, but then I kind of wonder if, in a situation like that, I would have the time or mental awareness to get the gun, unlock it, load it, and fire it. It would probably be very intimidating to an intruder just to see me holding it, but Adam isn't exactly comfortable having a gun in the house with kids because he had a friend in high school who killed another friend on accident while playing around with a loaded gun. Apparently there really are people stupid enough to do that. Anyway, a taser or mace also sound like a good idea. I don't really know though. What do you guys think?

In other news, this morning sickness is killing me. Asher watched about 2 hours of PBS this morning while I was lying on the couch trying not to throw up. Poor neglected child.

Oh and a question...the place where our names are listed on the left side, why do they keep changing places? And why are some bold and some not? Does this indicate when another person is signed in, or who posted last, or what?

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I just watched a weather channel video online, and Jim Cantore was "on location" in Atlanta's Piedmont Park covering the couple inches of snow we've had fall. He must be itching for travel, since we haven't had any good hurricanes lately.
BTW, as it turns out, he lives in Marietta- just north of us!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Family Visits

I don't know if anyone else has paid enough attention to note that I have had some member of my or Ryan's family in town almost constantly since a couple weeks before Julian was born. This week, since Shannon left, it's just been little ol' me... and for pete's sake, I can't get anything done!! My house is a complete disaster (yes, even worse than it was when you were here, Shannon). Any or all of you are invited to come back and hold Julian while I make dinner and clean. :)

Ryan's dad is coming tomorrow. He's never been here before, and we're a little nervous, because they are rather wealthy and live in a very nice, big house in Milwaukee (pronounced Mil-ee-wah-kay) where it snows in November and candy grows on trees. (And he's bringing the snow down with him, the kindly man, because it's supposed to accumulate up to 3 inches tomorrow!! I just can't get enough of that stuff!! This is why we left Florida.) Anyhoo, we're nervous because he's rather high-society and we don't know how to entertain him. Fortunately, since it will be snowing, the city should probably shut down, so we'll have a good excuse to not go anywhere. I'm excited to see him (you would all like him, he is rather Irvine-esque in smarts, and very easy to get along with) but it's probably good that he's only coming for 2 days. This will be our trial run for future visits.

Shannon, I bought one of those strollers that you bought while you were here. I really like it actually- for 15 bucks it's a pretty good deal, and it does maneuver well. I brought it with Lara in it, and held Julian in his car seat, to the dermatologist's office today to get my stitches out (Oh, I don't have cancer by the way, everyone). There's got to be a better way to tote a baby and a preschooler around. I was pushing the stroller with one hand (alternating between the left and right handles), which of course kept going the wrong way, and trying to carry Julian in the other. When we got back out to the car, Lara decided she'd had enough of the stroller and tried to get out, only she was buckled in and the stroller was right on the edge of the sidewalk next to the parking lot. I.e. it was a step up from the parking lot- you had to step down to get from the 'walk to the 'lot. I feel like I'm overexplaining here. Anyway she arches her back like she's about to throw a fit, kicks the ground and knocks herself and the stroller flat onto the parking lot, face first, right in front of a little old lady with a walker. So the little old lady made her way slowly by as I picked up Lara and tried to muster up some compassion for her, fighting the temptation to yell at her for her insolence. As usual, she was unscathed.

Adena, congratulations on being not pregnant. I hope this not-pregnancy lasts a good long time:)

You know, after a couple years of blog posts, we should get them printed out in Diary form and have them for future generations to laugh at. This is much better than trying to keep track of a diary:)

Just a few Notes

Shannon- I am sorry to say that I will not be sharing this pregnancy with you. OK, that's a lie.... I'm not sorry about it at all.

Anna and Mom- I know you two don't "just talk," but, seriously, think of something. Tell us a funny story (I happen to know about something particularly funny involving Anna convincing Shawnzy to buy a certain type of pair of pants) So... Talk.

Also, I'm not pregnant. Did I mention that already...?


Oh, last note, underneath the place where you type a post, there's a little bar that says "labels for this post," Kind of a neat feauture, you basically just label your post and that category will appear on the blog. In the future if you want to add something to a category, you just click "show all" and you can do it. But feel free to add a new category at any time. I have labeled this one "Random."

That is all.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Snowing!!

Hey- it's snowing!! In Hot-lanta!!! I got a couple pictures even. I posted them on my flickr account: . Everyone check them out!

I bought a swing for the baby. Julian has turned out to be a sort of hold-me type baby like Lara was, so I broke down and bought one. So far he seems to love it- except when Lara goes over and tries to play with him while he's sleeping. Grr.
This morning Lara was sitting on the couch and I was feeding Julian. I had put Monster's Inc. on TV and she was staring with a glazed-over expression, with maybe a little drool. I needed to call a friend, so I said, "Hey Lara, go get me the phone." So she said, "okay, mommy, I'll get the phone." Then she continued to sit and stare spacily at the TV. I repeated myself: "Lara, go get the phone for mommy." Without turning her head to look at me, she said, "I'll get the phone in a minute, mommy." Now how do you like that? I laughed out loud- not the best discipline technique, but sheez- the child really has a mind of her own! (In case you were wondering, I did make her get the phone for me.)

As the fabulous Dick Werthheimer said,
"The purpose of life is to fight maturity."

Blow your nose, Sneeze, Cough, Repeat.

We're sick. Not in the mental way, in the physical I feel like crap way. Asher has an eternal faucet of pure snot coming from his nose, and I can't even sleep because I feel so crappy. Just the way I wanted to start my pregnancy.

I don't know if you watch Sesame Street, but during Elmo's World he has a "friend" named Mr. Noodle. He disturbs me. I think he's a pedophile who managed to land his dream job, working in close proximity with small children and puppets. Nevertheless, I still love Sesame Street.

Adam was proud of the fact that he didn't go shopping once while we were gone, and that he only went out to eat once, and that he only needed to do one load of dishes. I guess God was sending manna or something.

This post is about nothing, I just wanted to post.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


OK, I'm going to just start posting. If you have any questions, just. Ask.

So, I've never really understood cat-calling, as most women do not. BUT, I also haven't really experienced it much in the past. I've been hit on, for sure, but not hooted and hollered at. Over the holidays, I guess some of the men folk get to feeling a little too jolly- it happened to me twice!

Situation One

Location: The crummy Columbia, TN. Mall

Description: Chad and I were doing some last minute shopping (as is to be expected of us). I was looking for kitchen knives, and he was mostly along for the ride. He saw a game store, I saw a department store, and we agreed that itwould be a good time to split up. In front of the dept. store was a really crappy display with cotton snow and hideous paper mache penguins. Running around this big, rectangular montrosity was an adorable little Hispanic boy. Two Hispanic men were watching him from a bench on the side. As I walked past the two men, I heard a low, but very clear "weet woo" (only in whistle form). I thought, "Maybe they were looking at someone else." as I had been walking in the midst of a few others. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. "If they do it again, when I come out," said I to myself, "I will give them a piece of my mind."

So the whole trip around the store was filled with glorious images of those idiots' faces when I gave it to 'em, and man- I gotta tell ya- they were about to get a verbal WHOOPIN'! I walked out of the store, and sure enough, when I got close, I heard the "weet woo," again. I turned, I looked.... down. There was the adorable Hispanic boy. Looking up at me with those huge, brown, Disney eyes. How is a person supposed to yell at a boy's dad in front of them? Needless to say I walked away feeling defeated.

Situation Two

Location: A random gas station about 45 min. away from our house

Description: We were almost home, but we really needed to pee. So, we stopped at a little po-dunk gas station/deli on the way home from Tennessee. Chad went in with Sage, I stayed in the car and waited (Orion was sleeping). When Chad got back, I went in alone. In the front corner of this place was a little nook with a few benches and tables. When I walked past, I heard a loud "RRAAAOW RRAAAOW!(like an angry cat) WOOF WOOF WOOF!!"

What. The. Heck?! Again, I go with the same plan. If they do it again, I will give them a piece of my mind. Bunch of lousy, no good, nasty truckers (insert more choice phrases here). I came out of the W.C. and they did it again. This time, there were no adorable Disney Hispanic children stopping me. I glared. I glared long and hard. The idiot cowards just sat there and stared. The only problem was that there were a lot of idiot cowards. About five to be exact. Do I really want to start a fight at night with a bunch of fat, nasty truckers? Not really. Well, anyway, they got the biggest huff and roll of the eyes they've ever gotten, that's for sure.

I just have to know... what is that about? Do they think that's a compliment? I don't even know what meowing means! At first I thought they were trying to tell me I was catty, but they had no reason to suspect that.. it just gets me at an intellectual level. What is the thought process? What do they think they're communicating and what do they expect will result? "Hey, baby, I love the way you... rrraow at me?" Maybe that's the way it goes in "XXX" movies. Too bad I wouldn't know.

....nasty fat truckers.... (none of that being directed at our father, of course)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Trial Run

Hey, Ladies! Well, here we are, on a BLOG! exciting, no? OK, so, I think blogger is pretty self explanitory. I'm not sure what the invitation you recieved looked like, but I think it should take you through signing up step by step. If not, just e-mail me your questions. All I really know is that when you log in, you just click on "posting" and you type up what you want to say. Above the place where you're posting are all the helpful little things like bold type or italic type or text color. You have other options. Like, when you're posting a little blurb of an article, or a conversation, you can;
click on the " to make it come up all cool

You can also click on the photo or video icons to... post photos or videos. Try posting only a few pics at a time. I will add our flickr addresses to the side of the page so that our page isn't overrun with pictures. On slow 'pooters like mine, it would take too long to load. Well, if you're able to get set up... happy posting! Oh, and we can change the name and description. I figured it'd be easiest to start with a free account and if we seem to have a good time with it, we can actually buy a domain. Yipee! Yay for being "hip!" Go ahead and post once you get the idea of what to do. Peace, yo.