Friday, September 26, 2008

Life In the Cool-de-Sac

So, I feel overwhelmingly sad about a puppy that doesn’t belong to me. It all started about three days ago when I realized that my across-the-street neighbor had left her puppy chained to the porch with NO FOOD OR WATER for two days. I was heartbroken for the little thing. So, I went over and checked him out. He was absolutely covered with fleas, his coat was coarse, and he was pretty thin (besides the puffy puppy belly). So, I gave him some food and water and decided that if she didn’t come back the next day, I’d just take him in until she came back home.

Here’s the thing about this woman. She is a single mom, expecting her second baby, and she gets her daughter on the weekends from her mother, who primarily raises her. I am pretty sure she brought the dog home for her daughter. I am also fairly certain she’s just not very sharp and has no clue how to take care of an animal (they just recently had a cat run away from them.) So, when I did end up taking the dog home the next day, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and simply suspect that something awful had happened to her and she just didn’t think to get someone to care for the dog. I gave him a flea bath, picked some fleas off, gave him ANOTHER flea bath, put flea medication on him, fed him, gave him water, and for the last THREE days started house training him. It was apparent she had done nothing in that direction. STILL, I kept telling myself that there had to be some sort of reasonable explanation for that kind of neglect. I left a note on her door letting her know where he was and that she could come get him when she got home and that I hoped she was alright.

Today, Chad treated me to a facial and massage at a really nice spa, and it was fan-tas-tic. I also went out, did a little shopping and bought the boys some new Robeez (did I mention I am obsessed with those shoes? Well, I am). When I came home, the puppy was gone. Naturally, I assumed she had finally come home and I was anxious to find out what had happened. First of all, according to Chad, the puppy wouldn’t go to her. Chad had to physically hand him over. Then, they talked for a few minutes, and it went something like this (there was another woman there who had given her a ride home);

Chad: So, is everything OK?
Woman: Oh yeah, my ex [read: Baby Daddy] was harassing me and I just had to get away so I’ve been staying at my mom’s the last five days
Chad: Well, we took him in, and got all his fleas off, and gave him flea medicine… and, you know, he didn’t have any food… or water…
Woman: *Total blank stare*

After that, Chad did everything (else) he could to hint that what she had done is typically considered neglect. It all went over her head. Her friend seemed to think that it wasn’t a big deal either. It was like neither of them considered that food and water were necessity for any other beings than themselves. She also seemed to have NO consideration for the fact that we were providing for her dog. Now, of course we don’t need any kind of compensation for a little food and dog stuff that we had lying around anyway. It was mostly a matter of consideration. If she had asked us to watch the thing for a few days, I wouldn’t have minded… but there was just… nothing. I am still baffled by all of this. Chad said that he’s going to be a little more straightforward with her. He simply wasn’t interested in getting her friend involved. So, now the dog is back with its rightful owner and I feel sick about it. At least I know he’ll be flea free for a month. *sigh* I just hope some kind of good comes out of this. I haven’t seen the puppy chained up outside since she’s been home, so I guess that’s a good sign. Ugh. Me and my crazy neighbors.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

STOP! Baby Time...

Well, I guess it’s time we talk about the BIG news around here, so...

YAY FOR BABY SADIE!! Born September 12, weighing a hearty 8lbs 2oz and CUTE. AS. A. BUTTON!! Yes, we’re very happy to welcome this little squishy baby into the family brigade. Oh, and early congratulations to mom for getting 7 (come November, anyhow) grandkids in an astonishing 3 years!! You’ve handled it well. :)

Not much going on here. I am just getting pregnanter and envying Shannon’s no longer pregnant status. Sage and Orion are doing well. Sage likes to lift up my shirt slightly, say “Baby?” and give my belly a little kiss. Orion likes to pat my belly and giggle at himself about it. Anyhow, I will leave this post short and direct all attention on our beloved sister. I will hopefully be able to post more soon. But until then, I will just keep batting at these mosquitos who are letting me know- quite rudely buzzing in my ears- that they are unhappy with my decision to put on bug spray. Yay for using the laptop on the front porch.