Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why My Husband Rocks

Me: Is that MY Coke on the table?
Chad:Yes, and I'll go grab it while YOU (handing me the laptop which is opened up on a page full of awesome hats) search for a hat that you want to buy.
Me: *big grin*
(after some time of searching)
Me: Definitely this one.
(we discuss why my choice of hat is a good choice in hats)
Me: So... is the price OK?
Chad: Um, you just gave birth to our baby girl. I THINK I can stretch it just this once.

I'll take pictures once I get it.


wendy said...

Congratulations! What did you name her?

Mrs. F said...

I would rather see pictures of Sky than see pictures of your hat, which I am sure is awesome, but I doubt you will still be wearing it in 10 years, and she is most definitely going to be around then, so I am demanding to see pictures of the cute new muffin.

I will care about your hat if I can simultaneously see pictures of your baby.

(Your old man is really cute!)

Adena said...

Wendy- Thanks! Her name is Sky Riona. She was born on Thanksgiving and she weighed 7lbs 2oz.

Paloma-Haha, OK- I just need to take some good ones. Chad isn't one of those grab-the-camera-something-cute-is-happening kind of guys. SO, pictures are pretty much always taken by me :)

Colleen said...

Enough excuses!! We want pictures!
We want pictures! (join me, everyone)
We want pictures!
We want pictures!

(did you get the hint yet?) :)

Adena said...

Newsflash- I just had a baby. My milk just came in. I get very little sleep at night.

Don't. Mess.

Anna Farley said...

What kind of a hat is it (I'll be the nice one and celebrate with you on your new purchase). :)

Colleen said...

Hat, schmat! I want pictures of the baby!
jk ;)

Carynanne said...

WHY are you buying a hat? Who wears hats? What do you need a hat for? Honestly, woman, -- priorities!