Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Want School to be Over!!!

Okay, so I am really posting this for Adena more than anyone else, but I have a test on the day we are leaving. So, I am going to go in to school that day at 8AM to test, and then we can leave. It will only take about an hour, so we won't be really off schedule. I just can't take the test at any other time because it is a lab test, and that means that my teacher is going to have the rats and hearts that we dissected laying out with pins in them so that we can name the parts that have been speared. That's all I had to say. There's no more bad news.

I can't wait to see everyone (Caryn)!!!!


Carynanne said...

You're staying at my house. Dummy.


So that's what they make you do in nursing school, huh? MURDER defenseless rats?

You know, I remember in high school there were some people who conscientiously objected to dissection. I wonder if those people could get away with doing the same thing in nursing school? Or would they just have to drop out?

Colleen said...

Actually, I wasn't a 'conscientious objector' in high school; I just simply would have passed out if they had made me stay in that class one more minute, so for the sake of all, I left. Some of us just aren't cut out for that (no pun intended :))!

Adena said...

Yeah... they had a computer program in high school where you could dissect on the computer. It wasn't so bad but even that grossed me out. Also, unless you're interested in nursing or surgery or whatever, I don't see what the point of dissecting is, anyhow.

Also, I'll forgive you for ruining our trip.

Shannon said...

I do believe that the peeps who "conscientiously objected" were really just lazy, and therefore wouldn't make it in nursing school, even if they did try. Come on, we all know that you don't grow a conscience until after you have graduated from high school.

I just hated the smell from dissecting...ugh. Other than that, I was fine. I had a fun lab group too, so we always ended up playing with some organ. I do remember when we were doing the fetal pig (the mother of all dissections), they cut it's head off and handed it to me and said, here, get the brain. So I had to pry it's skull open and get it out so we could lay it in it's rightful place, on the sheet where it was marked "brain". I also remember we were short on funding and each only got one glove.

Mom, have you puked yet? :P

Anna Farley said...

Only one glove, eh? I remember when we were doing our rat dissections last year at the high school, my teacher (Coach Reed) just went without gloves when he was helping us with our cuts. I also remember that he put his lunch in the same refrigerator as the rats. Yup, those were good times!

Colleen said...

Okay, yeah, that was really disgusting and TMI - too much info!! I really do need to hear that. I try not to visualize, but it still grosses me out. I could handle the worm; after that, forget it!

Can we change the subject now?

Carynanne said...

You had Coach Reed?? I had him twice! He must be getting ancient. The rumors circulating about him 13 years ago were that he'd lost those chunks of flesh from his ear and nose in a bar fight.

Anna Farley said...

Yeah, those same rumors are still circulating. I can't say that I ever really cared how he lost parts of his nose. I cared more about the things he would say. Ashley and I actually had this thing going for a little while where we would write down things that he said, and then we would share them with each other during chorus. That helped me get through the class:)

Anna Farley said...

I was also wondering where we are staying when we get to connecticut. Are we staying with grandma? Does she know?

Carynanne said...

You bring up two good issues. I have no idea where you are(we would) be staying. I have not talked to Daddy, and I think he is the one who would know. He doesn't necessarily plan, he just drives because there is only one of him so he doesn't have to worry about fitting anywhere. Probably we should find out.

Also I understood that you were going to come to my house, not to Adena's, and that we were going with Daddy separately without Adena. This was so you could have your own room, instead of having to curl up in the corner with Dog or cuddling with Sage. :) (I bet Sage would be a good teddy bear though)

Shannon said...

I talked to Daddy when I was planning my flights, he said that we are staying at Grandma's and that she won't even be there because she's going up early for some breakfast or something. She does know we are coming. But when I talked to Mike, he said they aren't leaving until Saturday morning, so maybe she will be there the first night.

So when are you guys leaving to come up here? I tried to work it out with Daddy so that you guys would be there to pick me up from the airport, and he told me if I planned my flight for 6:30 Friday night you should be there. I'm not 100% confident in that so Uncle John is my backup (I talked to him).

Anyway, my schedule is this: fly in Friday night at 6:30, leave Monday night at 6:00. When I asked Daddy when I should schedule my flight out, he said to do it whenever I felt like leaving and you guys would leave then too. I tried to plan it so that I can just ride in Daddy's van the whole time and not have to switch Asher's carseat around, but I know if need be someone else can give me a ride. So whatever, who knows.