Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good Morning, Crazy Person!

This is what happened at 8:00 this morning:

Telephone: Ring, ring
Me: Hello?
Older Lady: Hi, is this the (insert name here) residence?
Me: No, I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number.
Older Lady: Really? Are you sure this isn't the (insert name here) residence?
Me: Um, yes.
Older Lady: Is this 320-9933?
Me: No, it's 320--9993.
Older Lady: Oh! I'm sorry! Thank you!
End conversation.

Did she really not think that I knew whose residence it was? Did she think I was lying? Or was she afraid that it made her a crazy person for getting it wrong? Ah well, c'est la vie.

Asher had his speech therapy evaluation yesterday. He had had his physical one last week, and he's behind but doesn't need therapy. He did get some inserts for his shoes because he's completely flat footed and it's affecting how he walks. He also doesn't need speech therapy, which after the questions she asked I thought for sure he would since I said no to basically everything, but she just said he's a little behind but only come back when he turns 2 and is still not doing well.

I had an appt. today, it was a waste of time. The baby is fine, he couldn't tell me any better what the gender is, so we are still going on the assumption that it's a girl. They moved my due date back to Sept. 18, blah. Then I had to take the glucose test early, which was a blast. Luckily Adam came and could corral Asher.

We went to PA last week to visit LaShae and Bethany and their families. LaShae is a darn cute pregnant lady, and Bethany's son Ami is adorable. He and Asher were best buds by the time we left. It was a really fun trip, I also got to see Adam Loucks and my Adam got to meet all of these people that he hears so much about.

Well, there's my update. I don't have the energy or brain power to think of a good April Fool's Day joke. So just assume everything I told you is true.


Carynanne said...

Wow! You're alive. Good to hear it!

I seriously thought about pulling a "guess what, honey, I'm pregnant" April 1 gag today but seriously thought better of it. I just didn't think he'd think it was funny.

Anna Farley said...

You know what, something similar happened to me the other day. This army ranger guy accidentaly called my radio number and refused to believe that it was wrong. He said something like, "Well, I use this number all the time for (insert name here), and it always works!!!" Yes, three exclamations. Everything he said was like that.

Carynanne said...

Is flat footed something they grow out of? I swear Lara's feet were flat, but they don't look it anymore.

Shannon said...

The therapist said that they can grow out of it but usually (maybe?) don't. Adam's dad is flat-footed, apparently. Anyway, she just said the insoles might help as his feet grow. I guess we're manufacturing arches.

Adena said...

Is the glucose test the one where you have to drink a bunch of syruppy stuff? What all does it involve?

Shannon said...

Yes it is. They give you a bottle of grossness, it's like super syrupy sprite (or whatever flavor they give you, I've had several) without carbonation and you have 5 mins to drink it (it makes me cough/choke). It's probably somewhere between the size of one of those little half bottles of soda and a full size bottle. Then you have to sit there for an hour, then they draw your blood. If you fail that test, then you come back and do it again but you drink it once every hour for 3 hours, so 3 drinks and 3 blood draws.

And if you're super lucky like me, and fail the first test, and fail the second one, and then get pregnant again, they make you take it early! And then if you pass it the first time, they still make you take it again when you would have normally taken it! WOO HOO!