Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I had a dream last night. Ryan was crying when I walked into some room, and he had a really hard time telling me something, so it took him a long time to spit it out: He said that Adena had died. He kept "sobbing" and I finally believed him, although I couldn't quite grasp to gravity of the situation. Finally I asked, "How did she die?" and he told me, "She died because she never flossed." I was so confused, trying to understand how not flossing would kill somebody, when out from behind a door popped Adena, dressed in a bath towel. "Ha-ha, gotcha!" she said, and Ryan began to laugh.

And frankly, I'm still angry about it. Adena (and Ryan), don't ever do that to me again!



Adena said...

WEIRD! I seriously just a few weeks ago had a dream that Ryan died. Only, it wasn't a joke.

By the way, If it wasn't about me, I'd say my coming out of the bathroom in a towel sounds a mite suspicious. But since it was me, I'd say it sounds perfectly normal.

Shannon said...

The only believeable part of that story is Ryan sobbing. And never underestimate the importance of dental hygiene.

I had a dream recently after Adena told me about Sage having 5 ticks on him. In my dream, Asher was younger and we were at Mom's house only there was a forest in the front yard, and he went and crawled into it and I grabbed him because I thought he would get ticks. When we took him inside he was covered with giant ticks, tons of them, and I was just pulling them off, and then there was a giant cockroach on him too, and then a smallish snake. I just kept pulling stuff off of him. It was awful.

Carynanne said...

I didn't know Sage had 5 ticks on him. Ewww.

Lara had one on her dress the other day, and it was interesting trying to get it off with her flailing. She doesn't care for bugs.

I went for months without remembering a single dream, but in the last couple of weeks I have remembered every single one. I wonder why.

Shannon said...

Pregnant much?

Carynanne said...

No sich of a thing. I think I've just been getting better sleep. Hold thy tongue, knave.

Adena said...

Yes, five ticks, all burrowed in. It was awful. One was in the center of his belly button!