Monday, October 20, 2008


That's ONE SEXY SMILE!!!!!!


Shannon said...

SHUT UP!!!! You have got to be kidding me! I can't believe he got braces...the vanity.

Adam was going to get his teeth fixed, but they had to break his jaw to do it, so he opted against it.

Carynanne said...

The first orthodontist we went to said Ryan was going to need to have his jaw broken to get it into the right shape, or else his teeth wouldn't stay straight after the braces came off. But we've been to two others (don't ask) and they both said there is an in-mouth spacer you can put in there that changes the shape of the jaw so you don't need that surgery. That's what they did for him instead. He has a cross bite. So if Adam is actually interested, maybe it is the same issue, and there are alternatives.