Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Memories, Part 3

I was laughing out loud about this gem of a memory the other day, and had Chad laughing pretty hard about it too.

It all began with summer V.B.S. Somehow Shannon and I, being the ultimate Thespians that we are/were, got sucked into doing a video: a video about how to “save” a person: a video about how to save a person the right way, and how to do it the wrong way.

You know the one… but because the story is just so worth telling…

The scene starts out on a back porch. A very, very southern Shannon, decked out in jean overalls, and a very very southern man, (Ron Stoffel? Sp?) who I am guessing was supposed to be her brother, are having a discussion. If I recall correctly the talk was simply about needing to bring someone to Jesus, and soon!

Then I came along.

I must have been in the seventh grade. I don’t remember what I was wearing, but I came walking up with an empty basket, and proceeded to introduce myself. The dialogue went something like this;

Me: HI! Mah name’s Penelope and I just moved in down the street. Anywho, I was just tryin’ to bake me some pies and I ran outta eggs. Ya’ll got enny eggs I could borra?

(Shannon and Ron look excitedly at each other)

Shannon: Eggs? We got ourselves a COOOORNUCOPIA Uh EGGS!

This is the part where Shannon and Ron “hog-tied” me and shoved the Romans road in my face. I then proceeded to yell, in an act of desperation, “YES! I BUH-LEEVE! I AM A SINNER! I WANNA BE SAVED!” and so on.

The other part of the video (that, by the way, was how NOT to save a person, just in case you didn’t catch it) was pretty lame in comparison. And I never really lived that one down for as long as I was a member of FBCME. ESPECIALLY by Tom, who loved to show the video every few years or so, just for me, I think.

At the premier of the video, I seem to remember Shannon hiding under some article of clothing, and me crying. And they were not happy tears, that’s fer darn sure.


Colleen said...

I don't remember that skit as much as I do the one with Shannon and Rich. Now that was funny! I don't remember all the details; something about puppets and running around in a yard somewhere...Tom loves to use the youth as guinea pigs for ideas he has, but then, that gives them such great memories, just like the one you described.

Adena said...

G.I. dontknowifImgoingtoheaven... that one? I think the best part about that video was a couch potatoed Brad Lewis saying, "I could really go for a HAM sandwich! Silly Kosher man.

Carynanne said...

Man, I missed all the good stuff in youth group. Stupid college.

Shannon said...

I'm proud of my performance. I'm only embarrassed by the fact that those were my own overalls.

Was the one with Rich the one with GI Joes? I was just so popular, I was in every video. I hope I'm never famous, because those could surface to haunt me.

Carynanne said...

Why couldn't Tom have become youth minister before I left? (Oh wait- he's only like 3 years older than me)

Anna Farley said...

I think my favorite part in that video is how the credits are written on a roll of toilet paper. How long did that project take?!

Tom said...

My favorite video is G-I-dontknowifI'mgoingotheaven. I think it took us 88 man hours complete the film. Here is the bad part...we did NOTHING but that video for VBS that year. TO think, I could have imparted some biblical wisdom to you and instead you remember two G.I. Joe dolls fishing on a toilet seat.