Monday, October 27, 2008

The Christmas List is here!

Okay, I have drawn names for the Christmas gift-giving extravaganza. Here is the list:

Caryn has Adam, Shannon has Anna, Adena has Ryan, Anna has Adena, Ryan has Chad, Adam has Caryn, Chad has Shannon.

It would be helpful if everyone put a wish list on the blog - for me and for each other. I always enjoy getting them anyway because of our particular sense of humor, so we can share it and have fun with it.

Monday, October 20, 2008


That's ONE SEXY SMILE!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Memories, Part 3

I was laughing out loud about this gem of a memory the other day, and had Chad laughing pretty hard about it too.

It all began with summer V.B.S. Somehow Shannon and I, being the ultimate Thespians that we are/were, got sucked into doing a video: a video about how to “save” a person: a video about how to save a person the right way, and how to do it the wrong way.

You know the one… but because the story is just so worth telling…

The scene starts out on a back porch. A very, very southern Shannon, decked out in jean overalls, and a very very southern man, (Ron Stoffel? Sp?) who I am guessing was supposed to be her brother, are having a discussion. If I recall correctly the talk was simply about needing to bring someone to Jesus, and soon!

Then I came along.

I must have been in the seventh grade. I don’t remember what I was wearing, but I came walking up with an empty basket, and proceeded to introduce myself. The dialogue went something like this;

Me: HI! Mah name’s Penelope and I just moved in down the street. Anywho, I was just tryin’ to bake me some pies and I ran outta eggs. Ya’ll got enny eggs I could borra?

(Shannon and Ron look excitedly at each other)

Shannon: Eggs? We got ourselves a COOOORNUCOPIA Uh EGGS!

This is the part where Shannon and Ron “hog-tied” me and shoved the Romans road in my face. I then proceeded to yell, in an act of desperation, “YES! I BUH-LEEVE! I AM A SINNER! I WANNA BE SAVED!” and so on.

The other part of the video (that, by the way, was how NOT to save a person, just in case you didn’t catch it) was pretty lame in comparison. And I never really lived that one down for as long as I was a member of FBCME. ESPECIALLY by Tom, who loved to show the video every few years or so, just for me, I think.

At the premier of the video, I seem to remember Shannon hiding under some article of clothing, and me crying. And they were not happy tears, that’s fer darn sure.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Guess Who's Pregnant...

Nope, not me. :) My sister-in-law, Shanna, is 5-1/2 weeks pregnant and she just called to tell me that she had an ultrasound today and it's TWINS!! Can you believe it? Crazy insane. She's going to have 4 kids and need a minivan soon!! It took me a couple seconds for it to sink in. So I can't wait to see what their genders are to see if we can buy them matching outfits.

In other news, um... well nothing exciting. Lara is learning all kinds of nursery rhymes lately. She just picks up stuff like that. And Julian can say "ba-ba" and wave his hand bye-bye. And I SWEAR he said bath yesterday when I was stripping him for one, but I can't get him to do it again. He's not into impressing Mommy.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Snot, Sadie, and Sesame Street

As in, Sesame Street is babysitting Asher right now. Asher is a giant ball of's so disgusting. I'm trying not to get sick myself, and also to keep Sadie from the evil germs. (I can't get that sentence to sound right, sorry) And Adam's parents are coming tomorrow...they don't know what they are getting themselves into. Actually, after 6 kids, they probably do.

Anyway, this was my morning (starting at 2am, if that can be considered morning). Sadie is such a good baby, she only cries when she needs something and is so good natured and wonderful. For the last week or so she's only been getting up once at night to eat. But she woke up screaming at 2 this morning, and since it's about a million degrees below zero in our room, I thought she was probably freezing as well as hungry. Then I realized that her nose was almost completely boogered shut, so I brought her downstairs for an intense session with the saline spray and bulb syringe (or, in Megan's vernacular, the booger snatcher). After I finally got all the snot out, I took her upstairs to feed her, and she was gulping down her formula when I heard a seal barking in the next room...really it was Asher and he sounded like he was dying. So when I didn't hear Adam get up to get him, I finished feeding Sadie, put her back to bed, and then went to check on Asher, who was sleeping peacefully (albeit snottily). Then I couldn't fall back to sleep, because I was afraid one of them was going to stop breathing, of course. Then Sadie woke up again at 6:45, and I made Adam go feed her (he never hears her wake up, even though she's feet from him). Then, she woke up at 8 or so, screaming again, and I looked and she was almost completely un-swaddled, because Adam hasn't mastered swaddling, and as I said before it was about a million degrees below zero so I figured she was freezing and I brought her into bed with me. She slept for about an hour, then woke up screaming to eat, so I brought her downstairs to feed her, and then I heard Asher crying in his room, for whatever reason. So I fed her for a little longer, then took a break to get him and change him and wipe the globs of snot off of his face (seriously, globs) and bring him downstairs, where I resumed feeding Sadie. Then Asher started crying for his "guk", which is milk to him, and I couldn't get it, so I just waited and let him cry for a bit. Oh, and the phone rang. I finished feeding her, got his guk, changed her diaper, and fed Asher. Then I got to pee.

So, all that to say that I still haven't mastered mornings. I'm doing fine with everything else, I've made several trips without Adam and been fine, I feel competent with everything else. But I just can't figure out how to do mornings. But I'm sure I'll get it someday...maybe by the time Asher's 10 or so.

Well, the delightful stench of poo is permeating the air, so I'd best go take care of that. Oh, and Sadie just started crying...right as Elmo's World started...coincidence? I think not. I just wanted to update you all on my fabulous life!!