Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where The BLOG Have I Been?

Oh, here and there, but not so much here… apparently.

Just a quick update, things are going well. Orion is giving his best shot at walking, but believe me, I am in no hurry to have to keep up with two runners. We can save that hilarity for when I have to WADDLE after two runners. Sage is attempting more phrases, the big one right now being, “I DI-IT!” (I DID IT!). The other gem is definitely “Geh-Gi-Go?” (Where’d it go?). We use that one for lost binkies (will I ever be able to wean him? I don’t know), among other things. We have a crab apple tree right next door to us and our neighbor has given us permission to take some. Well, it’s a bit high up for easy grabbing, but generally the ones that fall down are good for eating which makes Sage the happiest kid alive. He loves ‘em. Yechk, says I. I am still in the beginning stages of potty training. It’s pretty frustrating. I just can’t seem to time things right, and Sage ALWAYS pees as soon as he gets in the bathtub. (The cheerios thing doesn’t really interest him, by the way. Everyone and their mom has told me to try it.) I’ve even tried putting him in the tub, and then taking him out to set him on the potty. No luck. *sigh* I’m sure he’ll be a happy little potty-training graduate soon enough.

Here’s a fun story. Once a week/every two weeks, Chad gets together with a friend for an early morning breakfast which they jokingly call their “midnight snack.” This guy has to be at work super early, and it’s hard for he and Chad to hang out so, at FOUR a.m. they will meet up at I.H.O.P or some other ungodly place that is open at that time and have breakfast.

So, it had been a month since their last midnight snack and Chad forgot to tell me that he was going. So, I woke up in the morning at 4:30 and Chad was not there. I got up to see if he was asleep on the futon. Nope. Boy’s room? Nope. Went for a walk after having a bad dream? Still nope. The car. Was. Gone. My brain looked something like this:


The phone conversation went something like this:

Chad: What are you doing awake?
Me: What are you doing GONE? (it was at this point that I realized that I MAY have let my early-morning-half-conscious state get the better of me)
Chad: It’s midnight snack. Troy’s about to leave so I’ll be home soon. Love you!
Me: *stutter* Oh. Right. I forg…I’ll see you soon... loveyoutoo.

He was afraid that I was about to accuse him of trying to “pick up loose women.” Nah, that thought didn’t really cross my mind (maybe for the nanoest of nano seconds, but those don’t count). Usually, tired+confused+without husband or note of husband’s whereabouts= panic attack. But I’m OK now. So is Chad. The last thing he asked me before we both fell asleep was “can I still get into my side of the bed?” Haha!

Perhaps I’ll write a more meaningful post in the days to come, as I had initially meant to. For now, tired+delicious sleepy rainy weather= I have nothing very intelligent to say.


Carynanne said...

Well it may not sounds like much, but Julian is saying "ah-lu-ah-le-de-de-de" and doggone it, I know it means something.

Right now I have the neighbor boy, who just turned 1, over b/c his mama's at the dentist, and he weighs less than Julian by about 3 pounds. And is shorter. I mean the kid is legitimately small for his age, but it just looks crazy since Julian's height is now somewhere in the 90th percentile or so.

I know both those comments are mostly useless as per your post, but for me, distracted + sleep-deprived = irrelevant posts.

Colleen said...


Adena said...

Mom, that's what a scrambled brain looks like.

Colleen said...

oh, okay, I just thought it was gibberish. I mean, I've never had a scrambled brain because I never had my sleep interrupted by crying babies or phones ringing calling your husband back to work at 2 in the morning or fatigue from taking care of several sick children at once or trying to keep all of them quiet so daddy can sleep during the day because he works nights. nope, never had anything like that so I don't know what a scrambled brain looks like. thanks for clarifying for me! ;)

Shannon said...

Fight! Fight!

Carynanne said...

Throwdown. Yee haw.

Adena said...

uh... whoa

Colleen said...
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Colleen said...

Uh, who's fighting? Did I miss something? I was just commiserating with you because I've been there.