Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Naptime Music

I am compiling a list of songs to play while the boys are taking their afternoon nap. It seems like that time of the days is just begging for some acoustic-ish, soft melodies. Well, I’ve decided to fill that void. This is the list I have so far, although I know it could stand some more stuff, and I would love some suggestions - things I haven’t really heard before and all. Also, I haven’t arranged the songs perfectly yet. Chad has a knack for that sort of thing so I’ll leave it to him. ALSO, a few of the songs may or may not stay on the list- I haven’t fully decided, which is why I need help!

Fields of Gold- Eva Cassidy
El Shaddai- Amy Grant (probably the ONLY song of hers that I like anymore)
Nightingale- Norah Jones
The Nearness of You- Ella and Louis
They Say it’s Spring- Erin McKeown
Nothin’- Chris Rice
Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)- John Lennon
Something in the Way She Moves- James Taylor
Ab’s song- Iron and Wine
More Than Words- Extreme (I dunno about this one)
Lullaby- Billy Joel

Yeah, so, suggestions. Bring ‘em on!


Carynanne said...

Isn't something in the way she moves a Beatles song?

I hear the monkees were a big influence on the Beatles.

My suggestions:
American Pie- by..uh.. that guy.
Dust in the Wind- Kansas
Wish I Could - Norah Jones (actually anything by Norah Jones works)
Time in a Bottle- Jim Croce

Smooches! -caryn

wendy said...

How about "Enter Sandman" by Metallica? Okay, so I had to offer something completely inappropriate. I'll think this over and comment if I come up with anything worthwhile. :)

Adena said...

Caryn, it is also a Beatles song. And yeah, any Norah Jones song works. In fact, sometimes I just play her during naptime :)

I think Metallica makes for perfect bedtime music. Those kids need to learn to sleep through ANYTHING!

Anna Farley said...

books on tape. That'll put anyone out. And they can take it in subconsiously as they sleep! That way, they'll be little brainiacs by the time they're five! So then, they can be put to work and you can retire early! It's a great idea!

I'm only joking, of course:) How about just instrumental stuff? Shawn says that the band elluvium is good and has lots of light piano. I also think that playing Chopin or Debussy would be good.

Adena said...

Anna, not bad suggestions, although they aren't really that "acoustic" sound I was imagining. I was more thinking about guitar-y stuff. Stuff that sounds like the stuff on the list. You know, stuff. I'll have to look up that elevatum... ellementum... uh... that bandy band up.

Books on tape... not acoustic.

Anna Farley said...

Oh, come on! Books on tape are perfect for when you'd rather be or your children.