Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Insulin, Shminsulin

I just wanted to say that I finally heard back about my glucose test, and it was negative. No gestational diabetes this time!!! YAY!!! (Caryn, because I know you are wondering, my number was 103)

That is all. At least that I have time for right now.


Carynanne said...

That's lower than mine was last time. Maybe they just have your medication better controlled this time; or-- maybe girls are just nicer to you than boys. I know the first pregnancy was easier for me... (he kicked a lot more than she did)
That's awesome! Will they test you again, do you think?

Adena said...

Yay for not having to take you own blood!

Shannon said...

She didn't say anything about testing me again, so I don't think so. Unless I start getting huge or something.

Colleen said...

I was tested twice for each pregnancy because red-heads are notorious for having gestational diabetes (which I never did), so they might do it again as you get closer. At any rate, I'm glad you aren't having the same problems with this pregnancy as you did with the last one.