Monday, February 18, 2008

Something in the trees...

It's story-sharing time.

A couple days ago I walked into Lara's room after her "nap" to find all the pieces to all of her puzzles on the floor, most of the toys from her toy box outside of it, books on and under the bed, the blankets in a pile on top of the bed, and the playdoh from at least 5 different tubs taken out, squished into a massive multicolored dohball, smashed onto the sheets and broken into many, many bits. So a few changes were in order, and words to the wise among you: don't leave more than 2 puzzles in reach of your two-year-old; DON'T ever leave play-doh in a box on top of his dresser, even if he's never messed with it before; and if you hear noises from his door during nap, go check on him.

She likes to make up people to talk about, or maybe she is talking about things I am not familiar with, but she recently decided an entity living outside the house was in the trees afraid of the cats, and that we needed to be nice to it. However, she was calling this entity the "f**ker." I think she must have meant something else, but that's what it sounded like. I kept asking her to repeat herself, but I never could figure out what she was saying- it just sounded like the repetition of a bit of profanity!! So we decided to just discourage such talk without making a big deal out of it, and she seems to have forgotten about the "f**ker." Hopefully for good. :)

She loves the baby, and she wants to play with him, but she wants to rub her face (and hair) all over his head, which does nothing but make him fuss. I really can't wait till he's a little older and can at least sort of play with her-- maybe when he can sit up, or crawl! Maybe he'll crawl early and start fighting back.

Good times.


Adena said...

Yeah, at some level I am excited for Orion to start crawling, at another, I am not so excited about Sage getting it into his head that he now has a pet horse.

Adena said...

Oh, and I recently thought about making some playdough, but I think I'll take your word to the wise, and refrain.

Speaking of refraining, how did you get Lara to stop talking about the "F$%ker?"

Carynanne said...

I didn't bring it up, and she seems to have forgotten about it.