Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well, I just talked to Megan. If you didn't know (which you probably didn't), she is in Texas because she found out on Sunday that her dad was hospitalized with double pneumonia and they were only giving him a 50/50 chance. She called today and let me know that he died yesterday! I was so shocked. But the big problem is her insane family and their complete inability to handle anything. I know she is prone to exaggeration, but I really don't think she is this time because I have met her family and seen how crazy they are. She basically is having to take care of all of the financial issues and everything, and her family just keeps giving her crap and being impossible. Her dad lived with her uncle, and he just keeps on telling her that they need to get his money, they need to get into his accounts and get it done. She said he had even taken money out of his wallet while he was in the hospital! And no one is being any help, you know how crazy her mom is. Anyway, she sounds like she's having a really hard time, she hasn't had the chance to mourn at all because of all of this. Please keep her in your prayers.


Colleen said...

Poor Megan! I heard about her dad yesterday at church. I know her mom and how odd and difficult she can be, and she is probably a basket-case now even more than usual. I don't know her uncle, but I know much of her family and when I heard about her dad, knew she was going to have a hard time. There's so much she isn't prepared for in handling all of this and she doesn't have anyone who will be of much help to her right now. Jerry was going to go today; maybe he can help her. I'm not sure because he can be difficult, too, sometimes, but maybe it will be good for her to let him help.

Carynanne said...

wow! I just saw her on Sunday. That must have been before she found out.. I wonder if there is anything we could do?
Jerry has a different dad, right?

Adena said...

I thought Michelle had a pretty good head on her shoulders. Is she helping out?