Sunday, February 3, 2008


Sorry I haven’t been around. The boys and I (and once again, not Chad… how does he DO it?!) have come down with a cold; and this one is NASTY. Chad did everything yesterday, except for nursing Orion, of course. He changed diapers, went grocery shopping… the man even made me some chicken soup. It even tasted good! What a guy! Sage has been down with this thing for 4-5 days now. It’s so sad. This is the longest I’ve ever seen him sick. Orion is not doing so hot either. He can’t keep solid foods down, so right now I am only nursing him. He is also sleeping a whole lot, which is good, but he wakes up frequently because his nose is stuffy and he’s got a low-grade fever. Me? Well, I drank a butt-load of water and juice and Chad made sure I took every pill imaginable. Vitamins C and D, my daily, this yeast stuff (a whole other story entirely), some herbal bronchial support thing, and… I’ll even admit it, last night I took *gasp* Ibuprophen. Yes, it’s true. Today I am feeling much better, though my nose is all red and it’d be really great if I were capable of sleeping during the day. Right now all we’re hoping is that Chad doesn’t have to go through it, and that it will finally end for the rest of us. Ugh.

Onto other things…I’m starting my own little mini-series of posts. I will call them “memories”(I know, I know, my creative mind powers know how to cook up a good title). If any of you would like to write your own list, that’s great! I’ll do a jig in your honor.

The other day a bunch of random memories came into my head and made me laugh out loud. Here they are!

Caryn pinning me down and slapping me in the face (after I had intentionally
pushed her buttons to see if she could actually get mad. Well, just so you know,
she can.)


A common line that Shannon used
that NEVER failed to make me laugh (even when I didn’t want it

Me: Pig
Shannon: oink oink, baby!

A conversation that I overheard the evening after
St. Patty’s day.
Anna: Mom, today one of my friends at school pinched me
because she said my shirt was teel and not green.
Mom: SHA! It’s still GREEN!
That’s so stupid!
Anna: I KNOW!!
Anna: YEAH!! She
said my shirt wasn’t GREEN!
Mom: That’s so stupid
Anna: I know. My shirt

We are an oppressed people.


Carynanne said...

>Teal, adv. a blue-green color. Spelled T-E-A-L.
Word used in a sentence: "Why does that chree look teal? I thought all chrees were green!"

Adena said...

har har. member that other time that Keren dicidid to corekt my speling?


just for that, I'm leaving it as is.

Anna Farley said...

Yeah, you never DID mention any embarrasing lines of yours in that post, Adena! Way to go, Caryn!

Adena said...

Um, so, it isn't embarassing that I got so obnoxious that CARYN smacked me in the face? I would say it is. FUNNY, but embarrassing.

I'm sure my embarrassing "lines" will come eventually. There certainly are plenty of them.

Also note that I said I would make this a "series." It is not over yet, Ms. Farley.

Shannon said...

I have 2...

Me tickling Adena on the Kemp's trampoline, yelling, "SQEEEEZE THE PEE OUT!" while Adena writhed and cried (and eventually did pee herself, I believe).

"This is MY wedding day and you're going to do what I say!!!"

Carynanne said...

You know, if you had invited us to be in YOUR wedding, mrs schultz, I have a feeling you would have been much more particular about our outfits that my mere harmless request that you all wear the shoes that mom bought that actually matched your dresses. What a bunch of whiny babies!! Suck it up. Open-toed shoes in a Florida February is like sneakers in a Pennsylvania April.

At least I didn't smack Adena with garden shears:)

We're going to have SO much fun at Anna's wedding... Just make sure Shawn wears the Men's tuxedo pants ;-P

Anna Farley said...

Oh, no, my friends. I'm not having any wedding. I'm following in Shannon's footsteps and eloping. I don't want to put up with any of that wedding tradition crap!

Adena said...

Anna, I'm not so sure you're telling the whole truth... is it that you want to avoid "wedding tradition crap," OR is it really that you want to avoid farley traditional crap?

by the way, Caryn, I thought the argument was over Ms. Odi's Avon necklaces. (?) Maybe it was both shoes and necklaces. Either way, it was really hard not to laugh in your face in that moment even as your grip on my arm tightened.

by the way, did anyone notice the fantastic line underneath the "formerly farley" title on the main page?

Colleen said...

I did notice the byline under the blog header and pointed it out to Anna; she wasn't as amused as I was, but it all is part of our history, so the timing is perfect.
I have to admit, I have had a good laugh at all of the banter/attacks. It's a good thing you aren't all in the same room! I'm afraid there might be some blood shed! jk :)
And just to add to the 'memories', did you know that 'abortion is a waste of little kids'? Just ask Adena!

Adena said...

Aw, I was SAVING that one!!! Ah, that little piece of paper stuck to he fridge... what was once the bain of my existence is now my pride and joy.

Adena said...

By the way, I don't think peeing in one's swimsuit is quite as vile an offense as peeing in one's regular clothing. One could simply jump in the pool!

Shannon said...

Bane, Adena. Bane.

And it was definitely over the shoes. I was already taller than Chris, and they made me tower over him. Not to mention it took an act of God to get them buckled, and they dyed our feet maroon. And they were really uncomfortable. And in general, they sucked. And, open-toed is not the same as strappy heeled sandal, which is what, in fact, they were. There was some argument over the necklaces too though.

Oh and Adena, I'm pretty sure we weren't in bathing suits.

Adena said...

Something is wrong with my microsoft word. I have typed those words into it and it doesn't come up as misspelled. That is frustrating.

Colleen said...

Your microsoft word is not at fault; it is looking for misspelled words, not grammatical errors. 'Bain' is a word; it's just not the word you should have used there. It's like the difference between there, their, and they're; all valid words, but each has an appropriate and an inappropriate usage. What you need is grammar-check.
There is your english lesson for the day. :)

Anna Farley said...

No, I really just don't want to have a wedding. It's not appealing to be completely on edge for several months and then blow up at everyone only to have the phrase "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" follow me for the rest of my life.

Carynanne said...

But Anna, if you don't have a wedding, we won't have any nasty stories to tell your children about featuring Bridezilla.

Honestly, the next time I have a wedding, I'm making you all buy your own matching shoes instead of providing AWESOME free ones.
I had forgotten about the Odi necklaces.

Shannon said...

Anna, are you telling us you're pregnant? Who's momma? And your wedding only owns you if you let it...or you can make one of your sisters plan it for you.

If I had had a real wedding, I would have let you all pick your own dresses, just in the same color. Maybe next time.

I still have the Odi (I feel like that's not spelled right) necklace. I tossed the shoes long ago.

Colleen said...

That is the correct spelling for Odi. Her full name is Odiferous; I definitely like Odi better!

Adena said...

No way her name is really Odiferous... really?

Colleen said...

Yes, really. When she first told me that, I had a hard time keeping a straight face, but she was serious, so I couldn't laugh. I know she's Panamanian, but even still, doesn't that mean 'stinky'?