Thursday, March 20, 2008

9 (-5) stories. J.D. Salinger, anyone?

Guilty, guilty, guilty. That’s all I can say for myself, really. Why have I not written in forever? Nothing but sloth, I tell you. There. Glad I got that off my chest.

Well, I don’t have any big news or anything, but I figured I’d give at least an update via short stories.

I was talking to Shannon today about how particular Sage is; about his clothes, and about his cleanliness especially. If his shoelace is untied, it needs to be tied. Right. Now. It’s pretty interesting, as we all know that this is not in the slightest how Chad and I are. I mean, if my shoe lace is untied, I try and act like I don’t know it so as to avoid stooping down. If Sage’s sleeve has shimmied up his arm, it must be pulled back down into place immediately.

The cleanliness thing just about drives me insane, and here’s why; I wanted something outside that Sage could play in/on that’s in my sight while I do garden work. If he goes into the backyard, it makes me nervous because of how steep and rocky the hill into our yard is. Not to mention the woods behind our house. He has tried sneaking into them a few times. SO, Chad built the kid a sandbox. Nothing too fancy, but in the end it cost $120 for lumber and tarp and bags of sand. I was pretty excited about it, thinking that Sage would dive right in and have a blast. But no. What did this child of mine do when I stuck him in the box o’ joy? Oh, he cried. He cried hard, and he cried good. In trying to show him that the sand was harmless, I took him out of the box and ran my fingers through it. He said, “Gross,” (or “Gro” if you’re going to get technical). Eventually I got his interest peaked when I placed his construction trucks in the thing and showed him how they can push and dump sand. He played for a few minutes but is still wasn’t enough to really keep him busy. *sigh* I don’t really know what to do. Hopefully Orion will like it and Sage will get over his need for perpetually clean hands in time.

In other news, we found out that our soil is way too rocky to start a good garden in it this year. There’s a way to cultivate soil, but it takes a few years. So, I think we might be doing Square Foot Gardening. Nancy is doing it and has a guide book for the process so I think I might look into it. Trying to hoe up that yard was ridonculous

I think that’s about all I can come up with. Life right now is mostly spring cleaning and house getting together-ing. We stained cabinets yesterday and let the boys watch movies while we did so. We’re hoping to start getting our basement finished so that we can knock off that awful addition on the back of the house and build the boys a more suitable bedroom. I asked chad if he could build me a laundry shoot since the washer and dryer would go downstairs. He said he would like to build a dumbwaiter, which seems like a lot more fun, but then I immediately imagined Sage in place of “Kevin” in Home Alone shooting G.I. Joes from the dumbwaiter into the basement with a b.b. gun. OK, maybe I would actually think that was funny, but I would have to act all grownuplike. Whatever that means.

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Carynanne said...

1. Poor Sage. Mom trying to force him to touch dirt. I feel for him, I really do. :)
2. Maybe we need to bring Lara up there to visit and play in the dirt in front of Sage, to spur him to play in it. Peer pressure really does work with 2-year-olds. And boy does she like to get dirty.
3. Square foot gardening is a very good idea. I really like the idea of compartmentalizing crops. In fact I am planning on very soon building a retaining wall to close in the front garden and I'm very excited about it. I imagine this would be a similar type of project- building a wall.