Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! This morning e feasted on pancakes and bacon. We didn't quite make it to church this morning, however; we were all over at Granny and Grandaddy's until almost modnight doing laundry and I was not about to find out how grumpy my boys could be at church, haha! Anyhow, hope you all aren't being evil pagans like me. Maybe next year we'll be even more pagan and actually do an easter egg hunt! Actually, I just read an interesting little factoid about Easter eggs at Nancy Wilson says,

"And as far as the eggs go, my daughter learned while she’s been in England that this tradition has a very practical beginning after all. Since the people didn’t eat eggs during Lent, and because the hens kept right on laying anyway, they had a big surplus of eggs by Easter. So, being keen on finding a good use for so many extra eggs, they turned it into a party and colored the eggs and hid them to delight the children. Children are still delighted by such things, and I say, let them be! What could our good God possibly object to if we want to boil, color, and hide eggs for our children? I never met a child who didn’t adore it!"

that I will provide for you on this blessed day. Have a good one!

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Carynanne said...

I find that quite fascinating about Easter eggs. I would be relieved, even, if I had felt guilty at all for participating :).
We hid the colored eggs after Lara's nap, and she had an inordinate amount of fun finding them. I should play seek-and-find with her more often.