Monday, March 24, 2008

Post Partum Fat is PHAT!

Here’s another gem from Remember the “Nancy Wilson” quote I posted yesterday? Well, this is one of her daughters who just had twins in December.

“... I remembered a note my husband left on the breakfast table two years ago, when Easter fell about 2 weeks after the birth of our second daughter Daphne. I believe it was entitled “A note to my wife Easter morning before she even goes near the closet,” or something romantic like that.

But the point he made in it was one that I am appreciating again this year. It was basically that there is no more appropriate way to celebrate Easter than to be in a body that has been taken all apart on behalf of another. So do it cheerfully. Look at your babies and laugh at the new life and don’t become absorbed in the old death. This is the good stuff - all the extra weight included.”

By the way, the whole post (I think it’s the first one on the page presently) is great and you should read it. The end.

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