Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy heart, Sad heart

I had a dream last night that mom and dad somehow had another baby, and that they named (I assumed him) John. Mom was telling me about it and I was asking her about how they even got back together, and then I was making fun of her for such a boring name, and she said that they were going to name all future children after Jim Carrey's movie characters, starting with the first movie he was ever in. Then she said "she" in reference to the baby, so John was a girl. Weird. But I looked, and his character's name was Bobby in his first movie. So they were wrong.

Well I just wanted to open with that rousing story. We are leaving for Wisconsin today, supposedly in about 3 1/2 hours but Adam's not up yet and not packed, so I doubt that. In case you didn't know, we had to reroute our trip to Florida (big sad face :( ) to go up there because we found out that Adam's dad has to have open heart surgery next month to repair a valve that's not working right. He has a mitral valve prolapse. So, we decided to go visit them because we don't know when we'll see them next because we don't know if he'll be able to come when Sadie is born. And just to see him before surgery.

Speaking of Sadie, hers is the happy heart! (Adam's dad's was the sad one, if you didn't pick up on that) I had a fetal echocardiogram yesterday because apparently heart defects are one of the risks with this medication, and it was perfect! Her little heart was just abeating, nothing wrong with it. The doctor and ultrasound tech might be getting it on on the side, they were pretty friendly with each other. So anyway, Sadie's looking good. She kicks a LOT. And I don't like it.

Asher's doing well, he's hitting those twos just a little early. He is generally good still, but he loves to scream for no reason and hit and pull hair. Not too much, only when I am in his face telling him to stop something. But I think he's still better than most kids I see. I can't stand the screaming though, it's so piercing. We got him a toddler bed and I got all of this cute dinosaur bedding/room deco to do his room in, and he's definitely not all about the bed. He wouldn't even get on it at first, he would whine and get off really quickly when I put him on it, so I took the mattress off and put it on the floor and he played on it, then tried to climb on the slats of the bed, so I put it back on, and now he'll get on and bounce and yell and then get back off. Any ideas on how to get him to stay/sleep in there would be much appreciated.

And in other news, I went to get some new bras and I had to get a 38D!!!! I'm usually a 36B. Sad, sad. And I got my hair cut. And Tim Russert died yesterday. Very sad.


Anna Farley said...

Yeah, well I'm a 34A. I got nothin'. So, quit complaining about being well-endowed:)

Carynanne said...

I know, I'm still a C. I wouldn't care one way or the other, but I'm more like a D in the morning and a B at night. Makes it a little funky whn I'm wearing a bathing suit too, and have only fed him on 1 side.

I'm sorry Adam's dad had that problem! I'm actually learning about mitral valve prolapses in the cardio section of this program right now. When is the surgery? Or has he already had it?

As for getting Asher to get into the bed-- I don't know, but once he does get in it, put pillows by it!

Maybe he's not ready. He isn't even 2 yet- it may be a bit early--?? Don't stress over it. He won't sleep in a crib forever.

Shannon said...

Anna, gain weight. Then you'll have boobs :)

We have two reasons for trying to move him into a toddler bed right now (Otherwise I really don't care if he sleeps in his crib): 1) Sadie will be moving into his room and I want the transition to be done before she's here, and 2) he is still getting limbs stuck through the bars of his crib and it is only getting worse. I am not going to push it for another month or two, right now I have just moved his toys into the room with the bed and am letting him get adjusted to it. We'll probably take the mattress out of the crib and put it on the floor by the bed for awhile. I'm decorating his room in dinosaurs :)

Carynanne said...

Cute:) Julian's is still the little baby animals. I haven't put up his border, and he's six months old. I may just not-- then I won't have to take it down when he graduates to trucks or something.

Mattress on the ground is a good idea. No big, scary bed. How is his speech doing? Julian doesn't appear to be a talker like Lara was. It's a bit early yet, but he isn't making the same sounds or imitating me like she did. He just wants to GO.

Colleen said...

I like the mattress on the ground idea. It's what I did when Caryn first graduated to a bed. I needed the crib for Shannon, so I bought a mattress (I couldn't afford a bed, so we just got the mattress) and I liked it better because it was safer and they could play on it as well.
As for talking, girls generally talk much sooner and clearer than boys, so I wouldn't worry about any of them till they were about 4 or 5 and couldn't be understood by then. It's not worth driving yourself crazy just because they don't develop the same. When it comes to development, there are no standards, only averages; the average age of any particular development is merely that - an average. That simply means that some were earlier and some were later, but the key is that they eventually do develop speech and other skills.
Adena called me yesterday and Sage said 'Hi grama' and then went into some long diatribe on something unintelligible, but it was so cute. Adena said he was pointing at one of his books and 'telling' me all about it. Those are the cute things to remember because when they learn to speak, it will be just like everyone else, so the little things become more precious because of their uniqueness. Enjoy the cute things they do now; they will pass.