Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summary of life

I'm almost finished with the main section of my medical transcription course and will start my internship soon. All I have left are the last 18 or so transcriptions left in the advanced section, and I just cannot get them done fast enough-- I am very happy about it. I am the first from my class to finish. Everyone else is on the 12 month course, but I'll have finished in about 7 months. WOO HOO.

Ryan is becoming quite the social butterfly lately. He has been mountain biking with Rochelle's husband Stephen, hanging out with Justin the worship leader from church, and going to the gym, the pool, and running. I'm so proud.:)

Ryan's sister, her babydaddy, daughter, and son are coming Saturday and we are all going to go to the Aquarium and all the places I've been wanting to visit but haven't gotten around to. So the next time any of you are in town, we can all go together to whichever of these places I found most amusing.

Poor Julian got 3 shots today, and had his little boy parts tinkered with by the doctor. I won't go into detail on a public forum, but it was painful for him and he cried and then fell asleep almost immediately. He's such a happy little guy, it was just plain mean to have to watch. :(

Lara won't wear anything but dresses. If I force her to put on shorts, I hear about it all day. Her birthday is coming up, and as she does not need any more toys, I may just get her some more dresses. She is a Girly-girl.

It just doesn't want to rain here. It was doing really well until last month, and then it just stopped. These huge clouds went over us today. The Doppler said there was rain and the weather channel said "rain shower in Douglasville." But not one drop. I am angry for my poor fruit trees, which are growing as well as they can in a drought, but I think it'll be awhile before I see any apples and cherries. It makes me sad.

And that about sums up life around here. Anyone else care to give us a similar brief description?

Oh, and thanks Shannon-- those are some cute clothes. :) Although he weighs over 19 pounds now and I don't know how much longer he'll be able to wear them. At least we have all the baby boy clothes together though, for Adena when she pops out another male child ;)


Shannon said...

19 lbs!! Asher still wasn't 19 lbs at his first birthday. He only weighs about 25 now. You guys and your chunker babies. I actually kept a pair of shorts that were 6-9 mos...they still fit him!

And go you and Ryan, little motivated people. Not so much here. Although I did semi-weed the garden yesterday. Meaning I pulled up all of the dead tulip stems. I'm lazy. Oh and pregnant and tired.

I'll get back with a brief description later...

Colleen said...

You must let me know how it is when you start working as a medical transcriptionist. If it pans out for you, I might consider it myself. It would definitely be better than the drive I make every day to work and the cost I pay for gas every week!

As for Lara and her preference for dresses, you were the same way. You always preferred dresses when you were little. Shannon wore them, too, most of the time. It was Adena who refused to wear them. Anna was ambivalent; she wasn't too picky, but she mostly wore pants and shorts.

We've had a good amount of rain, but could really use more. I still don't have my sprinklers fixed, but I'm close. I just have to get the sprinkler heads so they can be put on; then it will be done. Since I have a ground pump, it won't cost me on my water bill (we have a pretty high water table here); just the little bit of electricity it takes to run the pump. The problem is that I have to go get the sprinkler heads and I have NO idea what to get. That's the kind of stuff that bogs me down.

I've been having 'fun' at work. We've had 3 techs quit and now my HR assistant/ sales coordinator gave his notice because it just isn't worth the drive to work from where he lives for the cost of gas, and Friday is his last day. So now I have to start the interview process all over again. UGH!!! I HATE interviewing and hiring! Unfortunately, I'm the one who gets stuck with it. We put an ad out and in 2 days I've received over 70 applications! And I'm sure I will get many more in the coming days. That's the part I hate the most; sorting thru all of the apps to find a needle in a haystack.

Well, that's pretty much my life in a nutshell... or a nuthouse!