Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lorenzo's Oil

Does anyone remember the movie Lorenzo’s Oil. Well I was plunking around on Wikipedia and got curious about what was happening with the real Lorenzo Odone. Turns out he died only a few days ago. You can read the article here. He ended up living 20 years longer than doctors had initially told him, but he still was incapable of doing much besides moving his fingers and blinking to communicate (I believe he also had the aide of a computer). Anyhow, I thought that was interesting.


Colleen said...

While the parents' efforts are to be commended, it seems rather pointless to me if all they did was extend the quantity of his life and not the quality. Still, if he was happy with it, then I guess it was worth it.

Adena said...

Yeah, I'm not totally sure how I feel about it. I mean, on the one hand, here you have this man who spent most of his life not being able to do very much and one has to wonder how much he actually enjoyed living. On the other hand, had it not been for the experimental word that the Odones did on Lorenzo, there wouldn't be any effective kind of treatment for that rare disorder (ALD, I believe? I'd look it up but we all know my computer is ridiculously slow)).

Also, it's interesting to me that the FDA hasn't "approved" Lorenzo's oil as an actual treatment even though tons of kids are taking it and preventing the onset of the disease. That blasted FDA. They're always messing stuff up.

Carynanne said...

I ain't never seen it and I don't know what you're talking about.

And honestly, how can you condemn the FDA? They've brought us wonderful things like Viagra, OxyContin, Vioxx... where would we be today if not for these and other useful pharmacopeia? (sarcasm, sarcasm)

Colleen said...

You know, the FDA - Federal Drug Administration - should be lauded for their continuing efforts to pad their pockets, I mean, to protect the citizens of this fair land. Why, these noble people have dedicated themselves to their betterment, I mean, to the betterment of our society. You shouldn't make fun of them; it's not nice to make fun of ignorant people!