Thursday, June 26, 2008


We just rented the movie Enchanted, and I knew nothing other than it had a girl running around in a giant princess dress and that everyone said it was funny. So we sat down to watch it, and it started with an animated parody sequence of a compilation of every one of the Disney princess movies we all love, and I am telling you the truth, I did not stop laughing for the duration of the movie. That is easily one of the best movies ever made. Amy Adams does such a friggin' awesome job portraying a Disney princess wannabe, and I have to confess-- I saw a little of my 18-year-old self in her.
Possibly my favorite line in the movie: The queen's assistant has just watched the bit of soap opera on television and realizes that he dislikes himself, and he asks the prince, "Do you like yourself?" And James Marsden (who is by the way also awesome in the flick) ponders for a sec, looks up and says, "What's not to like?" Pause, and then Big Goofy Grin and back to watching the TV.
Lara even loves it. She is such a girl- have I mentioned that?- that she gets all embarrased at the gushy love parts and hides her face and cuddles up next to me giggling. She's NOT EVEN 3. This just goes to show that no matter how much we want to blame our goofy tween behavior on pop culture, it's totally ingrained in us from birth.
Two thumbs up for Enchanted.


Shannon said...

I adored Enchanted. I have to say that I had a big goofy grin on my face the entire time. Asher, surprisingly, was not so into it. He didn't watch a moment of it. But Adam did, and he liked it. Not to the extent that I did, because he never fought over which Disney princess he was (based on hair color, of course) as a kid.

And Caryn (I almost just wrote Crayon, I never realized how close your name is to that--haha) might I remind you that Lara will be 3 in one week?!

Carynanne said...

You know, Crayon was a big joke at that camp I used work at (you know, the cat-chasing demon destroyers) when one of the kids who was either Southern or a little slow (or both) called me miss Crayon, then laughed about it and it caught on that week in my cabin. Just imagine a long, drawn out "Miss Crayon!" with an Alabama accent. Fun.

Mrs. F said...

We went to Disneyland last July and in one of the parades they introduced Princess Giselle as one of the new princesses.
Less than a month (I think) later we found out that Giselle is not going to be in the princess line-up because Disney would have to pay Amy Adams royalties forever, since she was the voice of the cartoon character and played the "real life" character. Sorry, was that only interesting to me?

Anyway, I adore this movie, too!


Anna Farley said...

I need to see this movie!!!

Carynanne said...

Holee Cow! Is that Paloma Lisa? How the heck are you? I forget this is a public website. Good to hear from you! I hope your children are well. And your husband too.

You know, it seems silly to me that they would refuse to introduce a Princess Giselle. They may have to pay out royalties, but I'd think they would make at least some money off of it. And Amy Adams would be set for life... (Oy, those corporate Disney goons.)

Mrs. F said...

Of course it is me, you silly! I found you guys through Adena's Facebook. I have a blog, too. If you click on my name you can get there, or you can go to and then you can read all about my exciting (haha, not really) life!

I am good and so is everyone else! Thanks!

RyanRabbit said...

Moo-hoo-ha-ha. It is I. The Anti-Caryn. I now have a profile and can BLOG.

RyanRabbit said...

ANd now. my picture.

Shannon said...

Oh we have to put up with Paloma AND Ryan?

Hehe... :P

Mrs. F said...

Haha, you are so very funny, Missy!!!