Thursday, June 26, 2008


We just rented the movie Enchanted, and I knew nothing other than it had a girl running around in a giant princess dress and that everyone said it was funny. So we sat down to watch it, and it started with an animated parody sequence of a compilation of every one of the Disney princess movies we all love, and I am telling you the truth, I did not stop laughing for the duration of the movie. That is easily one of the best movies ever made. Amy Adams does such a friggin' awesome job portraying a Disney princess wannabe, and I have to confess-- I saw a little of my 18-year-old self in her.
Possibly my favorite line in the movie: The queen's assistant has just watched the bit of soap opera on television and realizes that he dislikes himself, and he asks the prince, "Do you like yourself?" And James Marsden (who is by the way also awesome in the flick) ponders for a sec, looks up and says, "What's not to like?" Pause, and then Big Goofy Grin and back to watching the TV.
Lara even loves it. She is such a girl- have I mentioned that?- that she gets all embarrased at the gushy love parts and hides her face and cuddles up next to me giggling. She's NOT EVEN 3. This just goes to show that no matter how much we want to blame our goofy tween behavior on pop culture, it's totally ingrained in us from birth.
Two thumbs up for Enchanted.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy heart, Sad heart

I had a dream last night that mom and dad somehow had another baby, and that they named (I assumed him) John. Mom was telling me about it and I was asking her about how they even got back together, and then I was making fun of her for such a boring name, and she said that they were going to name all future children after Jim Carrey's movie characters, starting with the first movie he was ever in. Then she said "she" in reference to the baby, so John was a girl. Weird. But I looked, and his character's name was Bobby in his first movie. So they were wrong.

Well I just wanted to open with that rousing story. We are leaving for Wisconsin today, supposedly in about 3 1/2 hours but Adam's not up yet and not packed, so I doubt that. In case you didn't know, we had to reroute our trip to Florida (big sad face :( ) to go up there because we found out that Adam's dad has to have open heart surgery next month to repair a valve that's not working right. He has a mitral valve prolapse. So, we decided to go visit them because we don't know when we'll see them next because we don't know if he'll be able to come when Sadie is born. And just to see him before surgery.

Speaking of Sadie, hers is the happy heart! (Adam's dad's was the sad one, if you didn't pick up on that) I had a fetal echocardiogram yesterday because apparently heart defects are one of the risks with this medication, and it was perfect! Her little heart was just abeating, nothing wrong with it. The doctor and ultrasound tech might be getting it on on the side, they were pretty friendly with each other. So anyway, Sadie's looking good. She kicks a LOT. And I don't like it.

Asher's doing well, he's hitting those twos just a little early. He is generally good still, but he loves to scream for no reason and hit and pull hair. Not too much, only when I am in his face telling him to stop something. But I think he's still better than most kids I see. I can't stand the screaming though, it's so piercing. We got him a toddler bed and I got all of this cute dinosaur bedding/room deco to do his room in, and he's definitely not all about the bed. He wouldn't even get on it at first, he would whine and get off really quickly when I put him on it, so I took the mattress off and put it on the floor and he played on it, then tried to climb on the slats of the bed, so I put it back on, and now he'll get on and bounce and yell and then get back off. Any ideas on how to get him to stay/sleep in there would be much appreciated.

And in other news, I went to get some new bras and I had to get a 38D!!!! I'm usually a 36B. Sad, sad. And I got my hair cut. And Tim Russert died yesterday. Very sad.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summary of life

I'm almost finished with the main section of my medical transcription course and will start my internship soon. All I have left are the last 18 or so transcriptions left in the advanced section, and I just cannot get them done fast enough-- I am very happy about it. I am the first from my class to finish. Everyone else is on the 12 month course, but I'll have finished in about 7 months. WOO HOO.

Ryan is becoming quite the social butterfly lately. He has been mountain biking with Rochelle's husband Stephen, hanging out with Justin the worship leader from church, and going to the gym, the pool, and running. I'm so proud.:)

Ryan's sister, her babydaddy, daughter, and son are coming Saturday and we are all going to go to the Aquarium and all the places I've been wanting to visit but haven't gotten around to. So the next time any of you are in town, we can all go together to whichever of these places I found most amusing.

Poor Julian got 3 shots today, and had his little boy parts tinkered with by the doctor. I won't go into detail on a public forum, but it was painful for him and he cried and then fell asleep almost immediately. He's such a happy little guy, it was just plain mean to have to watch. :(

Lara won't wear anything but dresses. If I force her to put on shorts, I hear about it all day. Her birthday is coming up, and as she does not need any more toys, I may just get her some more dresses. She is a Girly-girl.

It just doesn't want to rain here. It was doing really well until last month, and then it just stopped. These huge clouds went over us today. The Doppler said there was rain and the weather channel said "rain shower in Douglasville." But not one drop. I am angry for my poor fruit trees, which are growing as well as they can in a drought, but I think it'll be awhile before I see any apples and cherries. It makes me sad.

And that about sums up life around here. Anyone else care to give us a similar brief description?

Oh, and thanks Shannon-- those are some cute clothes. :) Although he weighs over 19 pounds now and I don't know how much longer he'll be able to wear them. At least we have all the baby boy clothes together though, for Adena when she pops out another male child ;)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lorenzo's Oil

Does anyone remember the movie Lorenzo’s Oil. Well I was plunking around on Wikipedia and got curious about what was happening with the real Lorenzo Odone. Turns out he died only a few days ago. You can read the article here. He ended up living 20 years longer than doctors had initially told him, but he still was incapable of doing much besides moving his fingers and blinking to communicate (I believe he also had the aide of a computer). Anyhow, I thought that was interesting.