Friday, January 25, 2008

Asher Asher Bo Basher

Well, I just got back from the doctor about Asher and his lack of speech. I had to fill out this questionnare and he said that he is doing fine with gross and fine motor skills, but with speech and problem solving and communication, not exactly where he should be. So he's going to see a speech therapist and the developmental therapist at the hospital. I am not as bummed as I was when they first told me he might have to...I think the fact that he is now walking makes it ok. At first I didn't think I would take him to the therapists, but now I figure it can't hurt, it can only help. He really doesn't say anything, just mama and dada and even those are sketchy. So, hopefully they can help. Adam's dad had to have speech therapy as a kid (which would have been really nice to know when the doctor asked me if there was a family history of it).

But anyway, he's finally walking!! Something clicked for him during the Patriots game on Sunday and he figured out that he can stand up from the ground, and since then he has just gradually been tearing it up more and more. He's doing really well, he still crawls occasionally, but he's close to only walking. It's so cute :) Except when he falls and cracks his head on things.

In other news, still pregnant, and still feel like crap. Asher gets to watch 2 hours of PBS in the morning while I lay on the couch trying not to puke. So he watches Sesame Street and It's a Big, Big World. Adena, I don't know if you have seen that, but the main character, Snook, is what Chad would be if he were a giant stuffed something. Go here and click on the character all the way on the left at the bottom and just listen to him: The song at the end of the show is really nice, too.


Colleen said...

I still think that there is nothing wrong with a 16-month-old who does not talk yet. Every baby develops at their own speed and, from what I've seen of him, there is nothing to indicate that there is an actual problem. You can spend your money on speech therapy, but he will learn to talk anyway. Boys, on the average, are slower to speak than girls, so I still think this is a lot of hoopla over nothing (even if his dad did have speech therapy as a kid). Even his delay in walking is nothing to be concerned about; he's doing it now, right? I think that sometimes we are too impatient and push kids to develop sooner than their bodies are ready. Patience. Just my opinion.

Carynanne said...

It kind of blows me away that they're being this crazy about his not talking yet. It's really not that unusual. I'm with mom.
But then maybe speech therapy lessons will give you something to do to break the monotony.
And YAY ASHER for walking!! He's gonna be a little Patriots fan!!

Shannon said...

Just a reminder that we are not paying for the therapy. In fact, in a roundabout way, you are :) I'm not pushing him, I just want to get him evaluated and see what they think. All of your kids were talking and walking way before this age, so you don't know what it's like to feel like there's something wrong with your kid in this way.

And there's no chance of his being a Pats fan, not if Adam is alive. He will be a Packer Backer forever. I was only watching that game to see who the Packers would be playing (which they won't, because they didn't make it to the Super Bowl...grr..).

Did anyone go to the website? Chad, no?

Adena said...

Yeah... I'm not entirely sure how Snookum... Sooki... Sooks... whatever... is like Chad. We watched him for a minute... um.. "tickled" him, but I still don't see a resemblance. Maybe it makes more sense on the show?

Colleen said...

Shannon, I'm not trying to make you defensive. I may not have had any kids that were slow in talking, but I had all girls, and they usually do talk earlier than boys. I have known so many people over the years with kids who took forever to talk. One of my friends had a son who wouldn't talk till he was 5! There was absolutely nothing wrong with him; he just wouldn't talk. If Asher hadn't been walking around the furniture when he was here, maybe, just maybe, I would be concerned. But he did and now he is walking, so logic dictates that he will probably do the same with talking. If he was unresponsive or couldn't make reasonable sounds, maybe I would be concerned about his speech, but he isn't and he does make sounds that are not uncommon for a toddler his age. What I saw in him was that he observes everything around him and takes it all in. That doesn't sound to me like there's anything wrong with him. It makes me mad that they are making you feel like there is something wrong with Asher! I guess that's what makes me most concerned. I don't see anything that makes me think he might be even remotely developmentally challenged, and I think that, even though it doesn't cost you anything monetarily, it is costing you a good deal of peace about your child and that bothers me. You can take him to a speech therapist and I don't think it will hurt him, but I'm betting that in the long run, he'll be fine either way. So don't get angry; we're on your side!
Oh, and I watched that Snook character. He does sound somewhat like Chad, but I don't know anything else about him to say that he reminds me of him otherwise.