Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Snowing!!

Hey- it's snowing!! In Hot-lanta!!! I got a couple pictures even. I posted them on my flickr account: . Everyone check them out!

I bought a swing for the baby. Julian has turned out to be a sort of hold-me type baby like Lara was, so I broke down and bought one. So far he seems to love it- except when Lara goes over and tries to play with him while he's sleeping. Grr.
This morning Lara was sitting on the couch and I was feeding Julian. I had put Monster's Inc. on TV and she was staring with a glazed-over expression, with maybe a little drool. I needed to call a friend, so I said, "Hey Lara, go get me the phone." So she said, "okay, mommy, I'll get the phone." Then she continued to sit and stare spacily at the TV. I repeated myself: "Lara, go get the phone for mommy." Without turning her head to look at me, she said, "I'll get the phone in a minute, mommy." Now how do you like that? I laughed out loud- not the best discipline technique, but sheez- the child really has a mind of her own! (In case you were wondering, I did make her get the phone for me.)

As the fabulous Dick Werthheimer said,
"The purpose of life is to fight maturity."


Adena said...

I think Julian's cheeks beat Orion's! Great googamooga!

p.s. They're pinchable, too, I bet

Shannon said...

When we were in WI we visited some of Adam's hs friends, and they have a daughter about Lara's age. She was playing with Asher and their son who's about Asher's age, and when Heather went in to check on them she said, "Mommy, can you take the kids please?" in this really tired voice.

Ah kids.

Carynanne said...

Haha! I figured out how to add my picture. I am so SMAHT.

Colleen said...

What picture? I don't see a picture here. Am I missing something?

Colleen said...

Okay, I found it. Cute!