Friday, January 18, 2008

Family Visits

I don't know if anyone else has paid enough attention to note that I have had some member of my or Ryan's family in town almost constantly since a couple weeks before Julian was born. This week, since Shannon left, it's just been little ol' me... and for pete's sake, I can't get anything done!! My house is a complete disaster (yes, even worse than it was when you were here, Shannon). Any or all of you are invited to come back and hold Julian while I make dinner and clean. :)

Ryan's dad is coming tomorrow. He's never been here before, and we're a little nervous, because they are rather wealthy and live in a very nice, big house in Milwaukee (pronounced Mil-ee-wah-kay) where it snows in November and candy grows on trees. (And he's bringing the snow down with him, the kindly man, because it's supposed to accumulate up to 3 inches tomorrow!! I just can't get enough of that stuff!! This is why we left Florida.) Anyhoo, we're nervous because he's rather high-society and we don't know how to entertain him. Fortunately, since it will be snowing, the city should probably shut down, so we'll have a good excuse to not go anywhere. I'm excited to see him (you would all like him, he is rather Irvine-esque in smarts, and very easy to get along with) but it's probably good that he's only coming for 2 days. This will be our trial run for future visits.

Shannon, I bought one of those strollers that you bought while you were here. I really like it actually- for 15 bucks it's a pretty good deal, and it does maneuver well. I brought it with Lara in it, and held Julian in his car seat, to the dermatologist's office today to get my stitches out (Oh, I don't have cancer by the way, everyone). There's got to be a better way to tote a baby and a preschooler around. I was pushing the stroller with one hand (alternating between the left and right handles), which of course kept going the wrong way, and trying to carry Julian in the other. When we got back out to the car, Lara decided she'd had enough of the stroller and tried to get out, only she was buckled in and the stroller was right on the edge of the sidewalk next to the parking lot. I.e. it was a step up from the parking lot- you had to step down to get from the 'walk to the 'lot. I feel like I'm overexplaining here. Anyway she arches her back like she's about to throw a fit, kicks the ground and knocks herself and the stroller flat onto the parking lot, face first, right in front of a little old lady with a walker. So the little old lady made her way slowly by as I picked up Lara and tried to muster up some compassion for her, fighting the temptation to yell at her for her insolence. As usual, she was unscathed.

Adena, congratulations on being not pregnant. I hope this not-pregnancy lasts a good long time:)

You know, after a couple years of blog posts, we should get them printed out in Diary form and have them for future generations to laugh at. This is much better than trying to keep track of a diary:)


Shannon said...

Are you copying Adam in the pronunciation of Mil-ee-wah-kay? Sorry but I laughed when I read about Lara falling. Why does it seem like there is always a little old lady right near when something like that happens?

I think you should take him to the Atlanta ghet-to. Observe the natives in their natural habitat. Snooty people like him love that stuff :P (and a JK, just for you guys, so you don't think I'm a racist jerk).

Shannon said...

And Caryn, didn't we discuss double strollers already?

I'm glad you don't have cancer.

Colleen said...

So how come I never heard about a cancer test? What was that all about?
And by the way, I would love to come and hold Julian for you; I just can't be in two places at once!
Ryan's dad is a real nice guy and I can't see him being snooty about where and how you live. He's not coming to be entertained; he's coming to see his family, so relax and enjoy the company. I'm quite sure he won't mind holding Julian! :)

Carynanne said...

Ryan's dad is not snooty- I assume you guys know that. He is a really nice guy. I just don't really think he would particularly enjoy the zoo, the mall, or church. Those are the only places we ever go or want to go:) We can't really take him to the theatre with the kiddos, nor to expensive French restaurants on our budget.
Mom, I had a mole removed- that's what I'm talking about. They just biopsied it to make sure it's okay. And it is.
Yes. Double strollers. A double stroller and a great big SUV to fit it in- that's what I need!!

Carynanne said...

And youse guys should add your pics to this thing--- so I can know for sure who "colleen" and "shannon" are. You go into your profile to do it.

Shannon said...

Ok, I even put JK this time. I guess sarcasm is not allowed. I know he's not snooty! Geez oh man!