Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Boring

So, there's not a whole lot going on right now. The dog is adjusting well (except I think he has asthma or something), the boys are good (except Sage is most definitely almost two), and Chad still has work (until the end of this week, and we are crossing our fingers for more work).

OK, so I guess a lot is going on, but I don't know how to make one post out of any of that stuff. I have been trying to keep myself busy these past several days. I am really ready to knock this last 15 pounds off my butt so that I can start wearing my clothes again. I started doing a little work our routine in the morning, and when it gets a little warmer, I'll tack on some walking to that routine.

So Sage has figured out a whole lot in the past few weeks, and for that, I will make a list

1. He now likes to sword fight. He will grab an available stick, or- in one instance, a swirly straw with a duck on top- and will strike it at you, going "AH!" with every merciless blow.

2. He can climb out of his high chair onto the kitchen table. Now nothing is safe.

3. He does not know how to share with Orion. Moreoever, he doesn't really want to. Any advice on how to teach sharing to a 21-month-old would be greatly appreciated. Right now, it's "Sage, give that back to your brother... no.... der.... *spank.*

4. He has developed a taste for P.B.J sandwiches. Yipee!

5. If he sees someone playing with something, he wants it, just because they have it.

6. He likes to "help" me with laundry. I hand-washed a few of the kids' clothes yesterday and he kept handing me articlesof clothing to put in the water.

7. He hugs me when I'm sad.

So, it's not so bad in the end. I do enjoy my boys, although I often find myself thinking "Yeah, I'm all done being a mom right now." The other day, at our chiropractor's office, we were waiting behind a family of 12 kids. Oh, and they have three others that don't live at home. It was a blast. All of the kids were so great! The oldest was probably 18 and the youngest was three. All of them helped each other out, the room was not in the slightest bit noisy, and they just seemed like all around great kids. On top of everything else, the mom did not look the least bit frazzled and she was really great to talk to. So, I now have hope that this phase will not last forever. Although I don't want to be pregnant SOON, I still like the idea of a big family.

To quote Shannon, "This post is about nothing. I just wanted to post." Hopefully this actually WILL post. If this computer had a face, I would punch it. SO SLOW!

Anna and Mom. Your turn. Anna, call me and I will direct you step by step. Then you can teach mom.


Colleen said...

I don't know why it matters to everyone else if I don't post anything but comments. I really don't have anything to say; I just enjoy hearing about your lives.

It sounds like Sage is "all boy". You cannot 'teach' sharing to a 21-month-old, but persistence pays off. Eventually he will figure it out - when he gets a little older - and he will not mind so much. Orion will probably not even care because he will just accept everything Sage does as okay. At least until he's older; then they will probably duke it out! :) Boy, are you in for some fun!

I can remember the days when I felt 'trapped' and unappreciated, but it really is just for a season. In time, I pray that you will feel as blessed as I do by what God has given you. I know I do. I only wish I could be nearer and see all of you more often. As a matter of fact, I spoke with your dad this morning (he called to see if Anna was going to be home - which she isn't; she'll be out with Shawn - and said that he had his weekends off now and was bored and wanted something to do). We talked about how wonderful our son-in-laws are and how blessed we are and how happy we are for our children. So there, there's a little bit of 'sentimental mom' for ya!
I do have a funny story; perhaps I will even 'post' it! maybe. I'll think about it. :)

Carynanne said...

Make that, "he will figure out sharing when he's a LOT older. Like older than 2 1/2."