Tuesday, January 15, 2008


OK, I'm going to just start posting. If you have any questions, just. Ask.

So, I've never really understood cat-calling, as most women do not. BUT, I also haven't really experienced it much in the past. I've been hit on, for sure, but not hooted and hollered at. Over the holidays, I guess some of the men folk get to feeling a little too jolly- it happened to me twice!

Situation One

Location: The crummy Columbia, TN. Mall

Description: Chad and I were doing some last minute shopping (as is to be expected of us). I was looking for kitchen knives, and he was mostly along for the ride. He saw a game store, I saw a department store, and we agreed that itwould be a good time to split up. In front of the dept. store was a really crappy display with cotton snow and hideous paper mache penguins. Running around this big, rectangular montrosity was an adorable little Hispanic boy. Two Hispanic men were watching him from a bench on the side. As I walked past the two men, I heard a low, but very clear "weet woo" (only in whistle form). I thought, "Maybe they were looking at someone else." as I had been walking in the midst of a few others. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. "If they do it again, when I come out," said I to myself, "I will give them a piece of my mind."

So the whole trip around the store was filled with glorious images of those idiots' faces when I gave it to 'em, and man- I gotta tell ya- they were about to get a verbal WHOOPIN'! I walked out of the store, and sure enough, when I got close, I heard the "weet woo," again. I turned, I looked.... down. There was the adorable Hispanic boy. Looking up at me with those huge, brown, Disney eyes. How is a person supposed to yell at a boy's dad in front of them? Needless to say I walked away feeling defeated.

Situation Two

Location: A random gas station about 45 min. away from our house

Description: We were almost home, but we really needed to pee. So, we stopped at a little po-dunk gas station/deli on the way home from Tennessee. Chad went in with Sage, I stayed in the car and waited (Orion was sleeping). When Chad got back, I went in alone. In the front corner of this place was a little nook with a few benches and tables. When I walked past, I heard a loud "RRAAAOW RRAAAOW!(like an angry cat) WOOF WOOF WOOF!!"

What. The. Heck?! Again, I go with the same plan. If they do it again, I will give them a piece of my mind. Bunch of lousy, no good, nasty truckers (insert more choice phrases here). I came out of the W.C. and they did it again. This time, there were no adorable Disney Hispanic children stopping me. I glared. I glared long and hard. The idiot cowards just sat there and stared. The only problem was that there were a lot of idiot cowards. About five to be exact. Do I really want to start a fight at night with a bunch of fat, nasty truckers? Not really. Well, anyway, they got the biggest huff and roll of the eyes they've ever gotten, that's for sure.

I just have to know... what is that about? Do they think that's a compliment? I don't even know what meowing means! At first I thought they were trying to tell me I was catty, but they had no reason to suspect that.. it just gets me at an intellectual level. What is the thought process? What do they think they're communicating and what do they expect will result? "Hey, baby, I love the way you... rrraow at me?" Maybe that's the way it goes in "XXX" movies. Too bad I wouldn't know.

....nasty fat truckers.... (none of that being directed at our father, of course)


Shannon said...

Adena, you should have been very flattered. You need to lower your standards a little, geez.

Adena said...

I guess you're right. Maybe I need to start getting wasted and wear less clothing all the time. That way, I could REALLY learn to appreciate their compliments.

Colleen said...

Okay, at no time in the past did I ever consider cat-calls as compliments (and yes, I have had my share of cat-calls when I was younger). If anything, it is nothing more than the male ego at work, trying to convice the man that his opinion matters. This is only a matter of self-importance and ANY response at all only makes them think that they succeeded. It really isn't about a standard (and Shannon - lower your standards??); it's about the male ego showing off his prowess by showing off for his fellow males. The funny thing about it is that probably none of them would appreciate someone doing that to their wives or girlfriends or sisters; yet they persist. It truly is mindlessness, so don't waste your time trying to understand the male psyche; it isn't worth it.

Shannon said...

See, the problem with computer posting is that sarcasm doesn't come across. Mom, did you really think I was serious??

We know they are just showing off for each other. If some woman actually turned around and was like, Hey, what's your name, they wouldn't know what to say.

And I sincerely doubt that they have wives or girlfriends. Ugh.

Adena said...

The only male psyche I'm interested in is Chad's, and when I asked him what "meowing" meant, he said, "Uhh... I don't know. I've never done it, haha!

Shannon, maybe a little "lol" or "jk" wouldn't hurt here and there... JK!

Carynanne said...

It's those hispanos. Ryan cat- calls all the time. It's in their jeans. (JK!!!yukyukyuk)
Wow. I'm really sorry that happened to you. Just do what I do: don't brush your hair (or your teeth) and wear baggy T-shirts and jeans. It'll ward them off every time. Come to think of it, a little B.O. wouldn't hurt either. Just some suggestions... ;)

Colleen said...

yes, shannon the sarcasm came across loud and clear; apparently you missed mine! :) i agree with caryn; works every time. i never worry about anyone cat-calling me any more!

Adena said...

In their "jeans," eh? Gross.

Anna Farley said...

Oh, man, Adena! How does this always happen to you? I've never had a cat-call directed at me in my life! So, maybe you could either take Caryn's advice, or you can just act like me. It works every time!