Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blow your nose, Sneeze, Cough, Repeat.

We're sick. Not in the mental way, in the physical I feel like crap way. Asher has an eternal faucet of pure snot coming from his nose, and I can't even sleep because I feel so crappy. Just the way I wanted to start my pregnancy.

I don't know if you watch Sesame Street, but during Elmo's World he has a "friend" named Mr. Noodle. He disturbs me. I think he's a pedophile who managed to land his dream job, working in close proximity with small children and puppets. Nevertheless, I still love Sesame Street.

Adam was proud of the fact that he didn't go shopping once while we were gone, and that he only went out to eat once, and that he only needed to do one load of dishes. I guess God was sending manna or something.

This post is about nothing, I just wanted to post.


Adena said...

I agree. Mr. noodle IS pretty diturbing. I used to have to watch Elmo's World when I watched the Carpenter girls.

Anyone else remember that Christian doughnut hole show? THAT guy was creepy!

Carynanne said...

Is Mr. Noodle a puppet, or a person? I would watch Sesame Street, only I never can remember when it's on. :(

Colleen said...

Christian donut hole show?? They had a show about a Christian donut hole???

Adena said...

You can probably find some of the videos at FBCME, actually. Show it to the two-year-olds. They'll cry.

It's about a christian Doughnut man, and his little puppet doughnut hole... 'cause, without Christ, we're empty inside.. like a doughnut... get it?

This is exactly why every christian children's program, besides Big Idea productions (Veggie tales, 321 penguins, etc.) basically sucks

Colleen said...

Somehow I never saw that Christian donut thing, but I have to agree; most of the Christian children's programs are lousy. Where did you see that? AT church? I never even heard of it before.

Adena said...

I don't remember where I first saw it. I'm almost certain that some of those videos are in the church library, though. It's called "The Doughnut Man."

By the way, Caryn, Mr. Noodle is a real man dressed up as a vaudevilleish clown if I remember correctly.

Shannon said...

Actually, there is Mr. Noodle, his brother, Mr. Noodle, and Ms. Noodle. I'm not sure of her relation, and she doesn't appear that often. They are both scary, sweaty, balding men who don't speak and communicate only with Elmo through mime, if you want to call it that. Mr. Noodle's brother (Mr. Noodle) also played the guy in The Green Mile who had the mouse Mr. Jingles. It sounds like Elmo says "Mr. Noodo", but don't be fooled, it's Noodle.

Anna Farley said...

Ewww, they got the crazy guy from The Green Mile to play a character on a children's show? He was sweaty throughout that whole movie!!