Monday, January 28, 2008

Julian's head

I think Julian is adorable. He looks like a perfect, healthy baby to me-- he's not too fat or too skinny, and he smiles a lot and coos. BUT: his head is really small. It's like under the 5th percentile, no kidding. The rest of him is around the 50th. They say that big heads in the first year are associated with intelligence. I suppose he's got 10 months to make up the difference, but it doesn't seem like it's moving too fast. At least Shannon can take Asher to speech therapy, if for nothing else than to allay her fears. Ain't nothing they can do about a small head.

Lara, on the other hand, was enormous from about 6 weeks on. All I did was worry about her being overweight her whole life, and frankly I still am concerned because she doesn't eat the healthiest diet, she wants sweets way to often, she will get into and eat butter all by itself, and we live a rather sedentary lifestyle (my fault, certainly). Kids who are overweight when they are 3 are much more likely to be overweight later in life. So I have a genuine concern about her, because she needs to eat healthy foods and get exercise if she wants to be healthy.

I guess my point is that the medical world comes up with new and innovative ways to rate our children on a scale of 1 to 100. The result is usually needless worry. The fact is that, because I am concerned about her caloric intake, Lara will probably fare well; and Julian will most likely be fine regardless of whether or not his head makes it into the 80th percentile. Asher will be able to speak inteligibly one day (very few adults can't), and Orion will grow to be a Harvard grad even though his big brother tried to bash him on the head with garden shears ;). I understand Shannon's concern, and mom probably had similar worries when we were all little. So everyone, including myself, just CHILL OUT.

Especially Anna. And tell that boyfriend that if he wants to be the next Mr. Farley, he'd better start wearing Men's jeans. That kind of fluff doesn't go over well up in the northeast. (JK)

On a different thread, this Medical Transcription course I am taking is turning out to be very informative. I had no idea I had such bad grammar. Apparently there are all sorts of rules governing the use of commas that I had never heard of. I still don't understand them all.

To end on an upbeat note, Julian sometimes will be sitting in his swing or carseat on the verge of falling asleep and will let a BIG one rip, and then will JUMP out of his skin like someone intentionally scared the poopy out of him. It's hilarious.


Colleen said...

It's true; I did have concerns when you were young. With Caryn, I was always watching for some residual effect from my car accident because I had taken so many medications early on, and I was worried because she was so long and skinny that I was afraid I wasn't feeding her enough. But she grew just fine. Then with Shannon, we had the concern about her jaundice and then about her face being crooked, and were even suspected of child abuse because of it, but she grew just fine. With Adena, I was less worried. By then Caryn and Shannon were a little older and they were just fine, so I figured that all my worrying didn't amount to much at all. Even though she didn't seem to listen to anything I said, she turned out just fine.
We worry the first few years especially with the first children, but that only means we're conscientious parents who want to do the right thing by our children. Just think about all the 'parents' out there who don't give a flip about their kids - and we all know how those kids usually turn out! So, although I still don't think any of you has anything to worry about with your kids from what I've seen, I take it as a sign of good parenting that you are concerned and I only desire to allay your fears because I have been there and I'm pretty sure none of you has anything to worry about. I'm proud of all of you; you are doing a fantastic job. Lara is fine; she has already lost the baby fat rolls. Julian will be fine; I don't think it's so much that his head is small as it is the baby fat from good milk. Asher is going to be like his dad, I think, quiet and intelligent. Sage is not a mean kid; only active. You just have to continue guiding him. He will learn because you will teach him, as will Orion.
Even though it seems like they don't listen, they will learn. All of you did, so like Caryn said, CHILL OUT! Enjoy them while you can; they are a gift.
There, another post the length of a mini-novel! :)

Shannon said...

I didn't think his head looked that small. I think he's tucking his brain away in those cheeks. Asher's head always looks big to me, and I don't remember what percentile it was but I think it was always pretty normal.

I have a friend with a daughter a little younger than Lara and about the same size, and she just enrolled her in this kid gymnastics class, she said that she seems to like it. Maybe you could do something like that with Lara. But I think she's fine...she sat on Asher so many times and didn't break any bones, so she can't be too big. Just tell Ryan not to give her whatever she wants.

I have to say that I gagged at the thought of eating straight butter. Ugh. Adam's family eats a ton of butter, we were having pizza one time and she pushed off all of her toppings and just dipped the bread part in butter and ate it, like lots of butter. I couldn't stop watching her, I wanted to puke. Those Wisconsonites sure take their dairy seriously.

That's really cute about Julian...when Asher was really little he never threw/spit up, and one time he just randomly threw up a whole bunch, and it scared him so bad he just started crying. It was sad.

And what's with Adena, I haven't seen her posting or commenting at all lately!

Dang that was a long comment...just call me mom :)

Shannon said...

The "she" I was talking about was Adam's sister Anna. I thought you could edit your comments on here, no?

Carynanne said...

1. I think you can edit your posts for a short time after you write them, but not your comments. Not sure though.
2. It's odd that you mention asking Ryan to stop indulging Lara, because we had a conversation about her yesterday and I told him that Alicia's dad gave her everything she wanted, and look at her. No joke, he seriously decided I was right and to stop giving in to Lara all the time. He even actually told her no a couple times yesterday. I guess you just have to give the right incentives:) (i.e. threats).
3. I've already looked into gymnastics classes, and they cost $50/month for one class a week. I probably will start her in them soon. I just don't know what kind of student she'd make at this point; she's only two. But that's the age they have to be.

Carynanne said...

Oh, and mom-- see? you had nothing to worry about from all those drugs you gave me in utero. I'm perrrfectly... normal..., really...